BBQ Ideas From Around The World

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Thinking of having a barbecue sometime soon? Us Brits love a good bit of outdoor cooking, even if we do sometimes have to hide from the rain to enjoy it.  Bangers and burgers in the sunlight are a firm favourite with all of us on a warm summer afternoon, but they can get a bit boring by the end of the summer holiday.  Inject some variety into your al fresco foods, and take your tastebuds on a delicious journey with these alternative BBQ food ideas from around the world.

1. Go Greek and swporkap sausages for Greek-style kebab skewers. Pork Souvlaki is an easy to make alternative to chicken or veg kebabs and any leftovers taste great cold with dips the next day. Marinading the ingredients in a fragant mix of spices gives the souvlaki an authentic Greek taste and the meat melts in the mouth. If you are using wooden skewers, dont forget to soak them in water first to stop them from burning.  You can find a good recipe for them here

lamb-satay2. Middle Eastern Mini Lamb Satay Sticks are a gorgeous little mouthful of spices and flavours.  Easy to make, and using just the meat and onions, the dish is complimented beautifully by the peanut sauce.  You can absolutely cheat and buy shop made satay sauce – it won’t matter, your guests will be so impressed with the taste combination they certainly won’t be worrying about anything else. Find the full recipe here.

pneer3. Try a taste of India with Masala Roasted Paneer. Perfect for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, this firm Indian curd cheese holds up well to lots of spices – serve with yoghurt and chapatis. Make a spicy marinade using a the ingredients listed, then allow the cheese to marinade for a short while. Throw on skewers, throw on the BBQ and get ready to enjoy this easy Indian addition. Check out the recipe and more Indian goodies at


4. Go native and cook something delicious from the home of the BBQ pit, Texas.  Texan BBQ Brisket is a real crowd pleaser.  It might be a little bit more involved than just slamming a few burgers on, and it might be a bit more pricey – but brisket is the ultimate in the American BBQ meats and the taste is just divine. Serve with traditional sides like ‘slaw or corn on the cob.  Check out the recipe here.


5. Finally, finish off your meal with this cheeky little Italian BBQ dessert – Grilled Peaches With Marscapone.  This recipe has added salty caramel sauce. Easy to make and oh-so delicious there is no excuse not to try this.  Full recipe details can be found here

Whatever goodies you choose to grill, don’t forget that Maid In Essex can come and clean your house before your guests arrive, or even after they have gone home.  Call us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.

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