The Best Ways To Use Antibacterial Cleaning Products

Maid in Essex

There are a wealth of antibacterial sprays, soaps and wipes on the market and there is no denying that they are a great way of cleaning your home. Here we look at how these products work and how best to use them in your home.
It can be tempting when time is against us to give surfaces a quick wipe down rather than a good clean, but there are some parts of the home that do require a decent clean in order to keep the environment hygienic and healthy. Bathrooms and kitchens are the main areas that require antibacterial cleaning as these are the areas with the most germs and bacteria. In fact, raw food and kitchen waste can sometimes be more harmful than what you would find in the bathroom! These can pose a risk to our health so we should ensure that these areas are cleaned regularly and thoroughly using antibacterial products as these kill up to 99% of harmful germs. A swift wipe down with an antibacterial spray is an easy and fast way of killing bacteria. As well as antibacterial and antifungal chemicals, most antibacterial products contain natural oils that not only assist with killing germs but also provide a fresh scent.
So, sprays, wipes or soaps? Here are the main benefits of these antibacterial products.
Sprays – Sprays are ideal for cleaning out of reach or tricky spots in the home such as door and cupboard handles, toilet chains etc. It is also a great option for flat surfaces such as kitchen side boards, highchairs and tabletops. You will need a cloth or sponge when using antibacterial sprays.
Wipes – These are a great option if you want a fast way to clean without having to use a cloth or sponge. Wipes are good for kitchen sides, tables, high chairs, fridges or cleaning up spillages. It is also handy that these come in small packs that can be carried around in a bag for when you are eating out and the table requires a wipe.
Soaps – These soaps can come in liquid or solid soap bar form and are great to keep next to the bathroom sink as well as the kitchen sink. It will eliminate germs after a toilet visit and also after preparing raw meats and other foods. You can also carry a small alcohol hand sanitiser for when you use public toilets.