How do you get red wine out?

No, we don’t mean how do you get red wine out of the cupboard, but rather how to get red wine stains out of…well, out of pretty much everything, really. Red wine is known for its myriad of health benefits. It’s believed to improve blood circulation, heart rate, and overall good health. Not only that, […]

How To Find Maids In Essex

Maid In Essex is where you go when you are looking for a great company to get a cleaner from, don’t look any further than the best place in Essex. They have qualified cleaners who know what their job is. The advantage of maids from this company is that they are flexible and can adjust […]

Benefits of Domestic Cleaning for Elderly

Are you one of those people who have a busy work schedule and can’t seem to take out time for your loved ones at home? If your schedule makes it difficult to take out time for the elderly at home, there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Consider calling in domestic cleaning services as […]

Organising Kitchen Cupboards the Efficient Way

For a huge majority of people around the globe, kitchens are the spaces that are used the most and tend to be the busiest as well. With tons of people milling in and out all the time and a lot of activity happening, this is one room in your house that should be organised as […]

Why Kids Should Take Household Chores Seriously

Here, at Maid in Essex, there’s nothing we like more than seeing a clean, well-kept home. We don’t complain, but rather take pleasure in the process that’s the scrubbing and polishing that your home needs to look and feel its comfiest. That’s also why we feel it’s important to teach such pleasures from a young […]

How to Clean a Mattress

Among the most vital aspects of sleep is a good mattress, and its cleanliness is often neglected. If you haven’t recently thought about cleaning the mattress, then consider this: you possibly spend a minimum of 5-6 hours or a maximum of 8-9 hours on the mattress every night. Sweat, oil, and dirt from your body […]

Handy pointers for springtime cleaning as a parent

Spring cleaning uses up a great deal of time and energy but when you are a mum and dad, it can be nearly impossible to complete the work without consistent interruptions. If you have children, springtime cleaning is a task and it’s no surprise lots of people avoid it altogether. Below, we have actually rounded […]

Why Is Cleaning Essential For Your Health?

There would be no sane person on earth who will deny the importance of cleaning. The world has been through and still going through a crucial era where cleaning and personal hygiene have become the new normal. Without cleaning, one can never think of good health and well-being. In today’s world, it’s a known fact […]

Tips for cleaning with a disability

Cleaning is a tedious and exhausting task for everyone. It can be even more wearying if you happen to be disabled. Overburdening yourself can not only result in physical fatigue, but you might even face feeling fatigued mentally. Not to worry, though. Cleaning can be made easier if you incorporate the following 5 habits into […]

Importance of regular cleaning if you have asthma allergies

Environmental pollution has increased the number of patients with asthma. It is one of the most commonly found diseases in all age groups and can be severe if not treated well. But, did you know that regular cleaning can be instrumental for you if you have asthma allergies? There are multiple benefits of regularly cleaning […]