Defrost Your Fridge Freezer Before Christmas

Your fridge freezer has a key role in the build up to Christmas, especially if you are planning on cooking a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! You will need to store various ingredients (and luxuries) as well as left overs, so here are some tips to help you get organised and have your fridge […]

Ways To Control Asthma Triggers In The Home

There is no one clear trigger for asthma as it can vary from person to person. There are, however, some known common triggers and the methods you use when cleaning your home could well be one of them. Here we look at triggers and the steps to take when cleaning your home in order to […]

How To Make You Living Space Environmentally Friendly

The idea of a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle is to make sure that all materials get reused in some way. It can seem like an almost impossible goal, but it is easier than you think to transform your living space into an environmentally friendly place. The main aim is to ensure that no waste goes to […]

Brilliant Ways To Improve And Add Value To Your Home

Home improvements are always a wonderful thing. Not only does your living space become nicer but you could also be adding value to your home. Definitely a worthwhile investment! Whether you are a home owner looking to sell and maximise profit, or you simply want to treat yourself and create the living space you deserve, […]

How To Keep Cool In Your Home This Summer

There is no denying that summer is in full swing! But the heatwave has been enough to make even the biggest sun worshipers cry for some cool down time. The heat can sometimes make it hard to even breathe in your own home, not to mention how difficult it is to get to sleep. Poor […]

How To Create Peace And Calm For Your Home

It’s easy to let the chaos and business of life take over, but it is important to find a sense of calm. Your living space has a big impact on your well-being and mood and you need to have a place where you can relax. A disorganised and cluttered home will not be a calm […]

Why Going Green Will benefit You And Your Home

You only need to look at the news to see horror stories about how the world Is in peril and it seems more people than ever are talking about ‘going green’ and becoming eco-friendly. Many homes don’t recycle and are still using chemicals and products that are harmful to the planet, wild life and our […]

How To Keep Maggots Out Of Your Rubbish Bins

The warm weather is wonderful, everything looks and feels brighter. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides, and maggots taking over your rubbish bins is one of them. Maggots are hatched from fly larvae and although they are pretty harmless to us humans, they reproduce at a very fast rate and can quickly take over warm […]

How To Stop Condensation On Windows

It’s an all too common issue isn’t it? Windows dripping with condensation and small pools of water forming on the windowsill. However, there are some ways you can combat this annoyance. Here we look at a few of them. Heating – In the cold months, try to ensure your rooms are kept warm as evenly […]

Cleaning The Glass Of Your Oven

Oven glass can be difficult and stubborn to clean. This task doesn’t need to be as challenging and time consuming as you fear. All you need is a dedicated oven cleaner and a good technique. Firstly, let’s look at what you will need: Oven cleaner – for stubborn grease A sponge – for rinsing A […]