Breathe Some Spring Into Your Interiors

Spring always feels like the start of a new beginning.  As the days get warmer and longer, our smiles get wider. We feel more inclined to have a good out clear out at home, and get rid of unused or unwanted bits and bobs around the house. With everything looking tidy and organised, why not take the opportunity to have a quick and easy spot of redecoration?  Liven up your lounge with a lick of paint maybe?  Or kick your kitchen tiles into touch?  Or even go a the whole hog and take on hallways, living areas as well as bedrooms and bathrooms.  We don’t mean knocking down walls and refurbishing your house to within an inch of it’s life – all that mess and stress is not what March was made for.  It should though, be easy enough to find time for a quick paint job and some new accessories.

In honour of Spring 2015, we’ve picked some of the very best home interior trends for this time of year.  We hope some of them offer you some inspiration for your spring makeover:


1. Marsala – A New Red

Marsala, is a deep luscious red that just happens to be the colour guru’s at Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2015.  This means that it is hot hot hot right now – in both fashion and interiors. Red paint on a feature wall, red throws and cushions and even red furniture is all very “in” this year.  If you room is big enough to take a bit of bold colour, you should seriously consider getting passionate about Marsala.


2. Geometric Prints

Go bold with your accessories!  Look out for cushions, rugs, nightshades and even furniture with bright geometric designs.  They add a retro feel to your room, whilst still being bang on trend.



3. Botanical Prints

Another bold look for this spring is the botanical look – go flouncy with florals and let your wild side shine through.  Greens, browns and muted colours with plant prints are ideal for this year.  Continue the theme into your rugs and flooring by adding seagrass carpets or rugs for a real “outdoors, indoors” feel.


4. Quirky Stripes

This is going to be BIG in 2015.  Not in the traditional one wall of stripes way either.  Mix, match and more importantly clash your stripes with contrasting colours and different sizes and lengths.  Go for stripes on walls, curtains, blinds, cushions, rugs and even furniture.  This season it is definitely “anything goes” when it comes to stripes.


 5. Greys

The big film of the year so far has been Fifty Shades Of Grey, and what is much loved in the cinemas often plays a part in interior design trends. Grey therefore is becoming one of the best loved colours in paint and statement furniture this year.  From rich dark shades through to delicate hints – walls, woodwork and even floors and getting the grey treatment in stylish homes.  Choose a shade you love and go wild with it.  Less is no longer more, and statement colours have been in style for some time now.

Remember whatever colours you get your rollers out for, or whatever kind of new accessories you splash out on, Maid In Essex can help keep all your hard work clean and well looked after.  Our Maids can come to your home and undertake a full clean weekly, monthly or whenever you please.  You can contact us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.

Get those dust sheets down and dedicate a spring weekend to giving your home the spring makeover it deserves.



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