Chemicals to Avoid when Buying Cleaning Products

Maid in Essex


Cleaning your space, be it at home or work, is very important. An unclean environment can lead to germs festering in areas where you reside. This is especially true nowadays as we live through a global pandemic, and keeping surfaces clean has never been more important.

However, did you know while regular cleaning is critical for your health, it comes with an important caveat since many readily available cleaning products could be harmful? Many traditional cleaning products contain chemicals harmful to bacteria, germs, and humans. Some toxic chemicals found in common household cleaning supplies are strong enough to adversely affects us. This is why many people are switching over to more natural cleaning products that are just as effective in getting rid of germs but are not harmful to humans.

Next time you go shopping for cleaning supplies, be sure to avoid any products that contain the following five ingredients that are extremely toxic


Chlorine is among the most common chemical found in several cleaning products. It is found in laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, bleaches, disinfectants, and toilet cleaners. Chlorine is also used in large quantities in swimming pools to disinfect them.

While chlorine is excellent at getting rid of unwanted microbes, it is also highly toxic. Research indicates that chlorine can cause skin irritation and dryness, and there is evidence that it interacts negatively with normal thyroid functioning.


Ammonia is another popular chemical widely used in cleaning products. It is excellent for removing grease and grime and cleaning non-porous surfaces. The glass cleaner you use most likely contains ammonia as it cleans glass without leaving behind streaks or smudges.

On the other side, ammonia is highly corrosive, and inhaling ammonia vapors can result in breathing difficulties. People who have asthma, in particular, are prone to the respiratory difficulties associated with ammonia.


Also known as PERC, this chemical is mostly found in fabric cleaners, like detergents and carpet cleaners, since it can pull out tough stains. PERC, however, is believed to be a carcinogen. Aside from potentially causing cancer, PERC is a neurotoxin and can damage the nervous system. PERC exposure can lead to headaches, mood swings, insomnia, and even depression.


Formaldehyde is used for its anti-bacterial qualities and kills most germs. It is also a preservative used in different products and found in vaccines. Much like PERC, however, formaldehyde is both a carcinogen and a neurotoxin.


2-Butoxyethanol is a chemical found in many different cleaning products. It is used against oil and dust, so it is commonly used in everything from dishwashing liquids to laundry detergents. Exposure to the chemical does lead to irritation, vomiting, headaches, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Extended exposure has also been linked to liver and kidney damage and pulmonary edema.

Green Cleaning

The hazardous side effects of many of the chemicals found in common cleaning products have led many to switch over to more natural cleaning products. These ‘green’ cleaning products have far fewer artificial chemicals and are much safer while still effective. The popularity of green cleaning has increased so much that many professional cleaning services, like our experts at Maid in Essex, use more natural cleaning products that do not contain many toxic chemicals. If you are thinking about giving your space a deep clean or hiring a professional cleaning service, green cleaning products are a better choice.