Clean Up Your Bicycle In Time For Summer

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Ah, the sun is shining and it’s the perfect time to get out and go cycling with the family. Did you leave your trusty bike outdoors over the winter? Is it looking a bit rusty? Get it looking good as new with these top tricks to help remove rust.  Rust stains are among the hardest to remove, but getting your metal work looking shiny and new can be really rewarding and give it a new lease of life. There are numerous different rust cleaning methods, but some work better than others. Below, we have selected the most popular ones.

But, before you go rushing out to your local Halfords to by expensive bike cleaning solutions, try these natural solutions instead.


1. Coca Cola

The fizzy drink is well known for its ability to remove rust. Dip a cloth in the drink and rub the rusted area hard. Smaller items could be dropped into a glass of Coca Cola in order to get theses rid of the rust and make it all sparkly again. In fact Coca Cola is much more than just a fizzy drink, it has many uses as a cleaning agent – we’ll come on to that in another Blog.

2. Baking soda

Add a little water to some baking soda, just enough toBicarbonate-of-Soda make a paste. Apply the paste on affected surfaces and wait till it becomes dirty or gets dry. Repeat the procedure but do not rub too hard to avoid damaging the surface.Baking soda is another product that has many applications as a cleaning solution.  Its natural, not too abrasive and cheap and easy to buy.

brown-onion3. Emery paper and onions

Emery paper is a type of sandpaper that can be used for sanding down hard and rough surfaces. Fine emery paper should be used for this cleaning method. For extra efficiency, the emery paper should be slightly damp before you start rubbing the affected metal. Rub the surface with a slice of onion afterwards and rinse at the end. Use a soft cloth to dry the metal when you finish. The onion acts as a cleaning agent and brings up a shine on metalwork.  As with vinegar, be sure to wipe the surfaces down well afterwards to avoid smells permeating.

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