How To Have A Clean Home Without Making It Feel Sterile

Maid in Essex

There is no denying that a clutter free and clean home is a great thing, but you should make sure you don’t go too far and make your home feel sterile. You want to welcome your guests into a clean but homely environment without making them feel they are in a show home! If this is something you feel you may be guilty of at times then we have a few ways you can keep your home clean, fresh and clutter free without overdoing it with that sterile feel.
Art – Hanging a nice piece of art can bring a wonderful feel to a room. It helps brighten up an empty wall and it doesn’t have to be an expensive masterpiece to look good. Bright and creative pieces will always look good on neutral walls.
Indoor Plants – Indoor plants can inject life and colour into your room and are a beautiful addition. It is also known that plants can help us feel better mentally as they release their natural scents while cleaning the air.
Memories – Display a few precious photos in frames around your home. Although you do not want to go overboard and clutter the walls, a few nice family snaps can bring a lived in and warm feel to your home.
Smelling Good – It is nice to have a clean and fresh smell in your home, but you don’t want it to be dominated by the smell of cleaning agents and bleach. Try scented candles and oils, preferably vanilla, lavender pine, sandalwood or rosemary. Air fresheners sometimes give a more artificial chemical scent so try to avoid these.
Natural Materials – Synthetic fibre upholstery, over-glossed wood and artificial plants can bring a drab and cluttered look to a room. Instead, try to opt for more natural wood blends and perhaps cotton or leather sofas and cushions.
Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation. These tips should help you achieve that great balance.