Cleaning Your Carpet – How Often Should You Do It?

Maid in Essex

The carpet of your home is a lovely feature. A nice fresh and clean carpet will make any room look appealing, comfortable and welcoming. Although carpets and rugs are a stylish addition to your home, you will also notice that they do not stay clean for long and knowing exactly how and when to clean them can be tricky and depend on a number of factors.
A clean, dust and dirt-free carpet are important to any carpeted home in order to give the best impression to guests. It is also important for you to feel relaxed in your environment and this would be difficult to do with the distraction of dirty carpets. It is generally advised to vacuum your carpets and rugs at least twice a week. This will usually remove the majority of small dirt and dust, keeping it looking clean. However, if your home is in a high traffic area you may accumulate more dust so 3-4 vacuums a week is more effective. If you have a pet that malts, particularly cats and dogs or young children then running a vacuum over your carpets and rugs every other day or even daily may be necessary. The more people and pets in your home, the more potential for dirt and dust to accumulate. You could ask that no one wears shoes indoors in order to minimise excess dirt being walked in.
The colour of your carpet does make a difference when it comes to showing up dirt. Light coloured carpets will make a room appear brighter and more spacious, but this will also show up dirt faster than darker colours. You may need to vacuum lighter carpets more frequently. The same goes for stains. There are many great products on the market that help to remove stains from carpets. The success of this will depend on the type of stain and the colour of the carpet. A thorough carpet clean by a cleaning company or a hired machine with a specialist carpet cleaner is good to practise once a year for a regular household and perhaps every 6 months for larger families.