Cleaning The Fridge Made Easy

Most people will agree that the task of cleaning the fridge is usually something we dread. The thought of forgotten bits of food lurking at the very back, messy or sticky leftovers that have gone unnoticed or unknown liquids making things soggy is enough to put you off tackling the fridge cleaning, but it is a very important thing to keep on top of. Bacteria and bad odours can build up quickly in a fridge that isn’t well maintained, and this could not only be unpleasant but also potentially harmful. There are some simple tips you can follow to make this chore less daunting though. Making this part of a cleaning routine means you will be on top of the task and it will not take as long. Mould and germs will not have a chance to become harmful and smells will be eliminated swiftly. Here we look at some top fridge cleaning tips:

  • Don’t just clean the Inside – You need to clean your entire fridge, inside, outside and from top to bottom. Start at the top, this way any dirt or drippings will not land on freshly cleaned shelves or compartments.
  • Avoid strong chemicals – Disinfectants and bleach should be avoided as you do not want your food coming into contact with these chemicals. Opt for natural, homemade products (baking soda, white vinegar etc). Hot water is also good.
  • Unplug – It’s best to clean the fridge when it is empty. Unplug it and turn the temperature knob off first. Then fill with fresh food once done.
  • Organise Food – Take note of expiration dates and arrange the fridge accordingly. Make note of any products that seem to be wasted often and be mindful of what gets wasted when buying new food.
  • Stubborn Stains – For tougher stains, mould, and dried food, you can use a paste made from salt and vinegar.
  • Toothbrush – A toothbrush is a great tool when cleaning the smaller, trickier parts.