Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

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If you feel like you are wasting your precious time cleaning, perhaps you are doing it wrong?  Or rather, perhaps you are making mistakes that could easily be avoided, and your cleaning time could be cut in half.

Not that we are standing in judgement of course, just simply trying to help you clean your house in the quickest and most efficient way possible, to give you plenty of time to do more fun things instead.

hooveringHoovering too much?

Feel like you are forever tied to your vacuum cleaner?  You could be using it far too often than is necessary. Save your time and energy and have a big hoover session once a week.  On other days spot clean instead i.e. pick up crumbs or litter.  Kitchens and living rooms may get messier quicker so a quick run over the flooring in those areas should suffice on a daily basis.  Hoovering throughout the whole house on a daily basis is time consuming and not actually all that good for your carpet.

kitchen cleanRushing through the cleaning?

If your kitchen and bathroom products aren’t giving you the shiny finish you are after, perhaps you are not leaving the solution on the surfaces long enough?  Most products need time to soak in to become as effective as possible.  Saturate your surfaces and allow the cleaning product to sit for 10 minutes or so before wiping off.  This means less scrubbing in the long run, and less regular wipe overs as they will be truly sparkling from the get go.

wash-clothes-afterDirty Cloths?

Using a dirty cloth to clean your surfaces can not only leave streaks and grubby marks, but can also be potentially dangerous as it could lead to cross contamination.  Far better then, to use a clean cloth every time you wipe.  You can either use microfibre cloths that you can chuck in the washing machine after use, or disposable cloths that can just be replaced.  Get in to the habit of doing this and not only will your house be clean enough to eat your food off of, but a quick wipe round will actually work, rather than having to scrub away for a streak-free finish.

my-full-vacuum-cleaner-bag-photo-c2a9-liesl-clarkEmptying your vacuum enough?

When your hoover becomes full, it becomes less effective and can get blocked more easily.  Instead of struggling with a hoover that is losing power, simply keep an eye on your hoover bag.  As soon as it appears to be full, change it for a new one.  If you have a bagless hoover, make sure you empty the holding canister after every use.  This is normally really easy to do and just involves a quick tip into a bin liner to empty.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 13.10.27Is your bin clean?

Yes, we know bins are usually dirty, smelling things lurking in the corner of your kitchen, but keeping them clean reduces germs and odours around your home.  When you empty your bin bag, take a minute to rinse you bin with bleach or antibacterial solution to ensure that the bin itself is clean and sweet smelling.

Of course, if you want to save even more time doing the chores, why not hire a cleaning lady from us? Our Essex based domestic cleaning service, offers regular cleans to households throughout Essex.  Call us today on 01277 812220 to find out more.





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