Cleaning Tips For The Build Up To Christmas

What a busy but fun time of year! Christmas shopping, more last-minute shopping, wrapping, writing cards, sorting food, making the house festive, getting the kids excited… phew! So much to do and before you know it Christmas is here! It can be hard to find the time for cleaning with so much going on and no one wants to be left with a huge backlog to catch up on right before the big day. Here we have the best pre-Christmas cleaning tips for every room.

Living Room

One of the key things when keeping your home clean and fresh is vacuuming. Dust, pet hairs, crumbs, dirt from outdoors, all accumulate daily. Not to mention fake snow and tree pines. On Christmas morning you want your little ones to sit and play on a clean floor, and your guests to walk into a fresh and homely living room. So, dust all surfaces, lay some vac fresh and get the room looking and smelling great. If you have rugs be sure to clean both sides and underneath. Anything that creates clutter could be stored over the festive period until the decs are down and new presents have found a home.


If you are hosting Christmas dinner, then this is the most important room. You need to ensure your kitchen is clean and hygienic ready for storing and preparing food. All glassware and cutlery should be clean, and cupboards wiped. Give your oven a thorough clean, if you are short on time there are services that can do this for you. Make sure your fridge is cleaned out and any old food is thrown away. Give your kitchen floor a good clean too, sometimes the party ends up being in the kitchen, so you want clean floors and sparkling glasses!


Christmas is a time for family, so even if you do not intend on having a guest you may end up putting someone up after all! Make sure all bedsheets are washed and cleaned, all laundry is up to date and carpets are fresh and clean. Clean windows and window seals go a long way too!


Your bathroom should be clean and hygienic always, especially over the busy festive season. More visitors mean more bathroom trips. Stock up on quilted toilet roll and have fresh clean towels. Use a decent high street cleaning product to get things sparkling.