How To Create Peace And Calm For Your Home

It’s easy to let the chaos and business of life take over, but it is important to find a sense of calm. Your living space has a big impact on your well-being and mood and you need to have a place where you can relax.
A disorganised and cluttered home will not be a calm place, but you can always change that with just a few easy to achieve ideas that can bring a sense of calm to your home and your mind.

Tranquil setting – You can create mind calming cues with things like candles, diffusers and oils, a nice quote on a plaque or some comfy sofa cushions. You are more likely to feel calm and tranquil if you let as much light in as possible during the day. Lamps and candles create a cosy setting for the evenings.
Declutter over time – It’s natural to want things done quickly, but it is important to have a realistic approach. Trying to declutter your entire home in a few days will bring pressure and stress. Try to set aside an hour or so each evening to go through sections. Drawers, shelves and cupboards will take the most work as we tend to keep clutter hidden! Have plenty of bin bags, recycling bags and sacks for charity at hand.
Spot negative the energy – Remove any items that you associate with negative feelings and try to only hang onto items with strong and positive sentimental value.
Create a calm corner – Whether it be a beanbag on a bay window, a chair to read in or a shelf with meaningful things on, make sure you have an area that promotes calm and relaxation.
Phones / Devices – Try to limit the use of phone and technology when at home if possible. Constant notifications can be distracting. You could simply just have a rule that all phones and devices are off or on silent at dinner time or before bed. Or not turning devices on until you have got up and begun the day in a calm way.
Consistency – Consistency is key if you want to keep a harmonious home. Tidy as you go rather than letting things build up, keep on top of chores and admin and makes sure everything has a place. Be conscious of the things you are buying or holding onto.

Follow these steps and you will be able to create calm in your home, making a place where you can truly relax.