Defrost Your Fridge Freezer Before Christmas

Your fridge freezer has a key role in the build up to Christmas, especially if you are planning on cooking a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! You will need to store various ingredients (and luxuries) as well as left overs, so here are some tips to help you get organised and have your fridge freezer defrosted in time for the holidays.
What You Will Need
The things you will need to hand when defrosting your fridge freezer are:
• A large sized bowl
• Hot Water
• Sponge / cloths
• Kitchen Roll
• Newspaper
• Baking soda or vinegar
• Scent-free washing up liquid
The Process
This process should take just a few hours.
• Ensure the fridge freezer is turned off and unplugged
• Take out all racks and draws and set them aside to reach room temperature
• Put a bowl or tray under the fridge freezer along with some newspaper. This should catch any ice or water.
• Clean all racks and drawers with the scent-free washing up liquid or a similar product. Rinse them and allow them to dry.
• Mix hot water with either baking soda or vinegar to form a cleaning solution. Use this solution to wipe all the inside areas of the fridge freezer. You can use a cloth, sponge or even an old toothbrush to get to tricky areas, including the doors and seals. Do not be tempted to use harsh chemicals such as bleach as these could make you ill if they come into contact with your food.
• Avoid scraping the ice as this can damage the fridge freezer and you could hurt yourself
• Use some kitchen roll to dry off all damp areas.
• Replace all shelves, racks and drawers once they and the fridge freezer itself has been dried.
• Plug in your freshly cleaned fridge freezer and turn it on. Now fill it with delicious festive food!
So there you have it, a fast and effective way to make sure your fridge freezer is fresh, clean and spacious in time for those Christmas essentials!