Dry January Doesn’t Have To Be Dull!

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Teetotal Street, St IvesHave you pledged to give up the booze for January?  You have! It’s a great idea and we applaud you.  To help you reach the end of the month, and actually enjoy being good to yourself, we’ve come up with some good ideas to keep you motivated until February!

Glass jars with coins - savings concept

1. See How Much Money You Are Saving:

By not going to the pub, you are saving your hard earned cash!  Keep tabs on how well you are doing by keeping all the money you would have spent on booze, in a jar!  You can see just how well you are doing, and you get to enjoy spending it at the end of the month!  It’s all good!


2. Enjoy Being Warm

January is a chilly month, make no mistake.  So staying snuggled up and warm in your new Christmas onesie is very tempting.  Going out, even for a fun night in the pub, involves facing the arctic like conditions  – so by staying in and hunkering down in a cozy nest of fleecy pj’s and extra blankets, you certainly aren’t missing out on anything.


3. January TV Is Pretty Good

Once you’ve got your onesie on, its time to snuggle down and enjoy a good bit of TV.  The TV channels usually have a really good idea of what makes good, stay-in, TV for the winter months, and they usually schedule some really good stuff!  If there is nothing you fancy on the box, why not look at an online provider like Netflix and catch up on some box set action.  Good bit of telly, a nice cup of tea and a sneaky biscuit or two is just what you need.

Retro housewife knitting

4. Time To Take Up A New Hobby

Now is the perfect time to take up a new hobby. Have you always wanted to try knitting? Well now is the time! Perhaps you would be more interested in scrap-booking? Or baking? Or you could even start to write that novel you’ve been threatening to do since school? Whatever you choose to do, January is definitely themonth to sit down, relax and enjoy some you time.


5. Get Outside and Enjoy The Fresh Air

On a cold but clear day, the British countryside is stunning!  Wrap up warm and get out there and enjoy it.  Take the dog for a long walk – if you don’t have one, borrow one!  Take the kids to the park, or even just take a long walk around the streets where you live.  Go window shopping, stop for a hot chocolate, walk to a friends house to pay them a surprise visit.  Whatever you do, a cold, clear, sunny day is a great time for a long walk.  Clear your lungs, clear you head and let your nose run!

Another way to be kinder to yourself this January is to spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time stressing over the housework.  Maid In Essex can supply professional and reliable Maids to clean your house as often as you would like.  Call us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.

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