Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

Maid in Essex

We are halfway through February already and Spring is very nearly in the air!  Hoorah! Traditionally, March and April are the time of the year where we start to give our homes a good going over!  Milder weather makes it a great time open some windows and let the fresh air blow through.  It is also a good time to embark on some minor DIY; painting the hallway, or fixing up the garden are good to get done before the summer comes along.  Over the Easter weekend, DIY shops see a dramatic upturn in trade as everyone takes on all those jobs they have managed to avoid over the Winter.  This often includes a bit of house clearance.  So, take a look at our top tips for easy Spring cleaning and get your house ready for the warmer weather.

rugShake it out

After a winter of muddy feet stomping in and out of your house, Spring is a good time to give your mats and rugs a once over.  Shake ’em, wash ’em, swat ’em with a broom. Give them the toughest cleaning they can take. They’re your front line against tracked-in dirt—so keep them clean enough to function at peak efficiency. When it comes to rugs, use a carpet cleaning solution to bring them back to life.  A clean rug makes all the difference to the look (and scent) of your living areas.

clean-painted-walls-2Rub down your walls

We all take care of our surfaces, but what about our walls?  With the low level lighting of winter it can be difficult to see all the little finger prints and dirty marks that have begun to build up on your paintwork.  Now is a great time to give all the paintwork a quick clean.  Don’t rush out and re-paint, try a little warm soapy water and a sponge first to bring your walls back to life. Don’t forget to dry the wiped down wall with a clean dry cloth to prevent streaking.

window cleaningClean your windows

We all know it’s time for a good old window cleaning session when the sun comes out!  All that lovely light shines up every cobweb and sticky finger mark for all the world to see.  Get your window cleaner and a soft cloth out and get wiping your window troubles away.  Employ an experienced window cleaner to tackle the outside though, as we wouldn’t recommend climbing up wobbly ladders on your own.

ceiling lightsLook up!

Again, during the winter months we tend to focus on what we can see under low level lighting.  It’s cosy and makes us feel warm and toasty, but when the sun comes shining through, you can see a multitude of sins. Look up, see if your light fixtures or other ceiling fittings need a really good dust!  Grab a fluffy duster and carefully work your way around every room in the house.

fridgeClean your fridge and freezer

Now is also a good time to unload your fridge and freezer and give them a good going over.  By now there shouldn’t be any left over Christmas nibbles hanging around your freezer, and the salad drawer should be looking full again.  Most of us will wipe down out fridge and freezer compartments on a regular basis but what about the rest?  Pull the drawers or shelves out and clean the coils and any drainage holes to ensure you fridge or freezer is performing at it’s best.  Defrost and disinfect your freezer and repair or replace any broken trays or seals.  You want your chilled goods to stay cool and fresh when the weather gets warmer, so make sure your fridge or freezer are up the job.

Here at Maid In Essex, we offer regular weekly cleans for households throughout Essex.  Our awesome cleaning ladies become a part of the family and offer a reliable and professional service at all times.  Call us today on 01277 812220 to find out more or click here to contact us by email.






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