Easy Tips For Summer Time Cleaning

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With the sun shining, it’s nice to be able to throw open the doors and windows and let the warm air in.  During the warmer months, who wants to spend time indoors with the rubber gloves on, when we could be outside enjoying the garden?   The long summer holiday is also looming, and if you are not lucky enough to be spending time away, entertaining the children can be a messy affair.

This week we are looking at some quick and simple cleaning tips for the warmer weather.

organised toys

1. Cut down on clutter

Dust and allergens are in full force at this time of year.  Keeping clutter to a minimum is an excellent way of reducing the amount of airborne fluff and stuff in your home.  Before the summer holidays begin, see if you can spend a few hours throwing out old toys, old clothes and anything else that is cluttering up your house.  You could even get the kids involved.  Younger children may be upset by the thought of their much loved toys going in the bin, but making them feel involved and encouraging them that more space makes room for more toys for birthdays etc can ease the pain.

Older children should be on top of their own bedrooms.  Making beds, putting laundry in the wash bin, putting clean clothes away etc should be worked into their daily routines.  Good organisation, well planned storage areas and less toys to trip over make for less dust, allergens and time consuming tidying up!


2. Keep Things Clean and Hygienic

A warm house can be a hotbed of germs.  Add this to children playing in the dirt, at public parks or even swimming pools and you could have an epidemic on your hands!  Actually, that’s not true – germs are good in small amounts.  Children need to build up their immunity to bugs and viruses, and they also need to be allowed to play outside and just have fun.

You can however, try and instill good hygiene practices into your family.  Make it a part of your daily routine to wash their hands regularly, using soap and water.  Also try and wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces at least once a day to leave the areas germ free.  After all, a sick household over the summer holidays, is not a fun one.

shoes by the door

3. Keep dirt outside, not inside

All that running about in the garden, or trips to the beach can make it easy for little (and big)  feet to bring the dirt into your home.  Make sure you have door mats at both the front and back doors, and make sure you clean them regularly too.  Hayfever suffers will really benefit from a house that is free from the dirt, dust and pollen brought in from outside.  Also, ask your family and visitors to leave their shoes at the door.  This helps protect carpets and flooring.

bathroom window

4. Let the fresh air in

Take this opportunity to throw open shower doors and curtains to prevent mold and mildew. Leave shower doors and curtains open after use so shower walls can air dry. A fresh breeze not only feels great, it also airs any cooking smells from the house, and helps prevent damp.  With older children and adults, get them in the habit of using a spray and wiping down bathroom surfaces and shower cubicles after use. On a hot, sweaty day, the showers in your house can get a lot of use, so keep your windows open and keep the mould and mildrew at bay!

crumbs5. Clean up the crumbs

With the doors and windows open at this time of year, it can be very easy for furry little friend to come into our houses uninvited.  A plague of rats will probably not descend on your home, but even one little field mouse can lead to problems.  After eating or preparing food, have a little sweep around the floors.  No yummy crumbs makes open doors less attractive to little visitors.

Whatever you are doing over the summer holiday, why not make cleaning even easier still and have Maid In Essex come and clean house for you instead.  Call us on 01277 812220 to find out how we can help you spend more time in the sunshine.

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