What sort of service do you offer and what jobs are the maids prepared to do?

We are a Management Agent company and we introduce maids to individual clients. Each client will have their own maid provide a cleaning / ironing service on a regular weekly basis tailored to each client's needs.

How do you vet your maids?

The simple answer is very thoroughly! Each maid is interviewed in their own home. There is no exception to this. By visiting the maid in their own home we establish two important criteria:

  1. The maid's own standard of cleaning - after all, their own home will say more about their cleaning standard than any reference can possibly say.
  2. The maid is who she says she is and that she lives where she says she lives! We insist on two forms of proof of identity and proof of residence.

As you can see, we do a lot of work before you even speak to a potential maid.

Can I specify the cleaning day or the specific times my maid calls?

Yes! Thursday and Friday are the most popular days so if you are only prepared to accept one of these, it may take longer to find a suitable maid. Giving your maid a specific time to call i.e. 11am to 1pm can also cause problems for a maid for obvious reasons - it's in the middle of the day! Most maids are flexible in their approach and if you insist on a particular time we will source a maid who will meet your requirements.

Can I have a maid once a fortnight or once a month?

The maids we introduce are mainly looking for regular weekly work, however fortnightly services only are available at additional cost, full details on request.

Will the maid come in for an hour a day?

Unfortunately not. It's not worth their while to travel to and from your property just to earn an hour's rate of pay. The more hours you want in one session, the easier it'll be to find you a maid and the longer she'll stay with you. The minimum work session is two hours.

Will it be the same maid every week?


Who pays the maid?

You do. You pay the applicable rate, when the work is done.

Do I need to be in when the maid calls to perform her duties?

No! Indeed most people are not in when she calls which is why they need a maid to do the cleaning or ironing in the first place! However we do have elderly and disabled people amongst our clients who of course are in when their maid cleans. Whether you are in or out is not a problem, rest assured the maid will carry out her duties regardless.

What happens if I do not like the maid?

This is rare as the maids are chosen because of their approach and attitude, however if there was ever a problem, simply notify us and we will provide a subsequent maid within seven days.

Who provides the equipment and cleaning materials?

Normally the maid will use your own cleaning materials. As a client you can buy your preferred products and materials and you can therefore stipulate what product you want used and where.

What happens if the maid lets us down or rings me to say she is unable to call on her specified day due to illness or holiday?

If your maid lets you down, call us (your maid may have called us first though and in that instance we will be calling you) and we will find out what the problem is and when your maid will return, if necessary we will provide a replacement maid within 24 hours - that's our guarantee to you. If you require a substitute maid for your own maid's holidays, please let us know and we will arrange.

What happens if I don't want the maid to call one week - say, because I am ill?

There is NO OBLIGATION to pay your maid if their services are not required on a particular week. The Management Fee however is not refundable if this occurs.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do, your maid is covered for accidental damage to your property - full details supplied upon request.

How long will it take to find me a maid?

It depends on where you live, which day you want, the number of hours and the type of tasks you want your maid to do. Normally though we introduce a maid within 7 - 10 days of our initial assessment meeting.

How much do you charge for regular weekly cleaning?

Our current hourly rate is from £10.00 direct to your cleaning lady plus our Management Fee of £3.55 per hour which is inclusive of VAT.

The maid's rate is payable each week direct to your maid and our management fee is payable on a quarterly basis in advance by Standing Order.

How much do you charge for a One Off, a Spring Clean?

Please call for an individual assessment.

What is your Management Fee for?

We presume to require an answer to this question means that you have never had a cleaner before. Most of our clients come to us, having had bad experiences in finding maids themselves. Those who have tried to source their own maids frequently tell us of the problems they have had, e.g.: maids not turning up for interview, not knowing WHO was turning up, reliability problems, quality of work, the maid starts off well and then her work deteriorates, inability to contact maids if they do not show up for work, maids leaving the clients without informing the client, the list goes on and on.

We also ensure that clients have a substitute maid (if requested by the client) if their regular maid is off for any reason. We will collect keys if necessary to ensure that the substitute maid can access the client's property to clean and then return the keys to the client's own maid. If the client is in when the substitute maid calls to clean we will ensure that the client knows the name of the maid and the time she will be there. This is particularly important with our elderly clients.

We take the hassle out of the maid selection process for you, we remove the stress and therefore the problems are ours not yours. We are constantly sourcing, vetting and reference checking maids in order to provide you with the best maids available. Should your existing maid leave or fall ill or take a holiday break; we step in immediately to sort the issue out for you.

We shield you from any stress and hassle allowing you to have more free time, especially in the evening and/or weekends. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to find good maids.

Of course our fee has other uses, our office needs to operate and our office staff need to be paid and we also provide insurance cover in the unlikely event any of the maids we introduce cause damage to you or your property (full terms available upon request).

This cover is provided by one of the most respected and largest insurance companies in the UK.

What if I am not happy because my maid doesn't do the cleaning or ironing properly?

We wish that we could guarantee that every client got a perfect clean every week (unfortunately we can't - because things go wrong sometimes) but we can guarantee that if a client is not happy with their maid's service we will remedy the situation. Just let us know if you are not happy. Sometimes the cleaning standard of the maid does not meet the expectations of the client. Please don't wait and see if your maid improves - let us know immediately. We can't do anything about it if we don't know there's a problem.

If you're not contacting us to tell us how delighted you are with your maid - there must be something wrong!

What do I do about my house keys?

Most of our clients hand a spare key over to their maid at the initial meeting prior to the maid commencing work. We do stress, however this is a personal choice; if you prefer to be available on the allocated day to let your maid in then obviously there is no need to supply a key.

What is the minimum length of time I am committed to take your service?

Three months as our service is provided on a quarter by quarter basis.