Feel The Freshness This Summer

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Ah, the sun is shining and warm weather is finally here.  Time to let a little bit of fresh air into your home.  Opening the windows and feeling the breeze blow through the net curtains is a lovely way to welcome in the spring and say goodbye to stale odours. Let us remind you how to make your home feel fresh as a daisy, not matter how sweaty it might be outside;

During the stuffy winter months, we turn up the heat in our homes, and spray artificial air fresheners to remove the stale smells of cooking, damp clothing and the general pongs of people.  But come the spring, there are much healthier ways of freshening up your home.  Here are some great ideas from the internet, on how to breathe some fresh air into your home, naturally.

bad smell

1. Start with the most important thing: remove the source of offensive odors instead of just trying to cover up bad smells with good ones. Throw out stale, damp old trainers, empty rubbish bins and clean down any surfaces that may have stinky stains attached to them.  Wash cushions, throws and rugs and carpets where possible.
2. In a spray bottle, mix three parts white vinegar and one part water. Spray to your heart’s content (vinegar neutralizes odors on surfaces and in the air). This is cheaper and much better for you and your family than artificial air fresheners.

3. Crack open a few boxes of baking soda and place them strategically throughout your home (baking soda absorbs doors). These are particularly good in show cupboards, close to damp places like washing machines or in bathrooms, or in the kitchen to help clear up cooking smells.

4. Scented extracts like vanilla can also be used. Dab a few drops onto cotton balls and place them on small dishes throughout your home.  You can also place cotton balls in your drawers or wardrobes to act as cheap and easy scented liners.  Be sure to throw them away when the smell starts to fade, and replace with fresh new ones.

5. Combine spices such as cinnamon and a few cloves in a cup of water; bring to boil, which will release the fragrance, which is a great way to introduce a gorgeous smell to your home that lasts for hours.  This is particularly nice if you are expecting guests.

cinammon sticks
6. Make a citrusy air freshener by cutting open a few lemons or oranges and leaving them out on the table.

7. Add a few drops of an essential oil to a bowl of water – try refreshing grapefruit.

8. Release a fragrance by burning an eco-friendly soy candle (never leave candles unattended). Candles are an excellent way to remove funky smells all around the house.  Leave some in the bathroom to help clear up unsavoury whiffs or in the kitchen to clear food odours.  Of course, always use caution and never leave candles unattended.

9. Grow herbs on your windowsill: Basil, mint and thyme can be grown indoors year-round. These naturally fragrant herbs will help clear the air, and can be used for cooking!  Bingo!  Two money saving tips in one.

10. Potpourri is a fun air freshener – and you can make it yourself with dried flowers or herbs and scented oil. Heres a great easy recipe from www.organicauthority.com

How to Make Potpourri in Three Easy Steps

1. Pick Your Ingredients

When it comes to potpourri, the rules are simple: follow your nose. If fragrances smell good together, it probably will make a good combo! When learning how to make potpourri, it’s always best to choose from ingredients that are naturally in season together, like tree nuts, bark, leaves and pine cones you collect outside. Add some choice kitchen scraps, like citrus peels, spices and flower petals, and you’re well on your way!

2. Dry Them Out

The word potpourri comes from the French pot pourri, or rotten pot. But you don’t want your potpourri to truly turn rotten, which is why you need to dry out the elements that are damp, like fruits and petals. To do this, either sandwich your materials between several layers of paper towels and microwave them, or bake them on a baking sheet at a low temperature until dry. Then set them in a dry place for up to three days until completely dried out, before continuing.

This process may seem long, but just baking the elements will have your house smelling magical. And never fear… the final product will soon be within your reach!

3. Blend and Store

Combine your elements, being sure to bruise them slightly with your fingers to help release the fragrant oils. Place them in a lidded jar and allow the scents to combine for at least two weeks, and up to a month.

Once finished, your homemade potpourri can either be set out in a decorative bowl or placed in a saucepan of simmering water (a medium spoonful will be enough). The second variation is best when trying to eradicate strong smells. The former is great as both a decoration and all-natural, organic way to make your home smell fresher every day.

So throw back you curtains, make some home made scents and get some Summer air in to your home.  If you want your home to look as good as it smells, why not have our Maids come and clean for you?  Call us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.

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