Five ways to make a domestic cleaner affordable

Maid in Essex

Most of us find ourselves with too much to do and too little time in the day to get it done. With the school run, cooking, washing and of course the small matter of living taking up most of our time, the home can get a little neglected and end up a mess. We know we could do with a hand, but sometimes employing a domestic cleaner may seem a costly alternative.


However, there are things you can do to make it more affordable. Here at Maid in Essex (link to – we’ve come up with five ideas that may help you pay for a regular domestic cleaner even if you are on a tight budget.


1) Provide good equipment and cleaning products


If you’ve got a dodgy iron with a wobbly iron board and a lack of good cleaning chemicals, the cleaning can take ages. There’s nothing more frustrating for a cleaner if a hoover is broken and they have to go over the same spot a dozen times. If you provide you’re cleaner with the best tools possible, you’ll end up with the tidiest finish possible. Your cleaner will also be more motivated to do a good job and will get the job done quicker.


2) Prioritise areas


If you can only afford a cleaner for few hours a week, then you should think about the areas of the house you really want looking good. Ask your cleaner to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms as they are usually the most neglected rooms and are hardest to clean due to limescale (link to – But each property is different so it’s up to you to find a strategy that best suits your home.


3) De-clutter the house before the cleaner arrives


Leaving the kid’s toys out and clothes all over the floor won’t make the cleaner’s job any easier. If you have a regular small “de-cluttering session” where you clear the pots and pans and put the shoes back in the cupboard, it’ll make it more manageable for you and the domestic cleaner to get on with things.


4) Get decent storage


Sometimes it’s the small things that make a mess. Things like pens, keys, toys and hair bands, despite their size can male your home look a state. Go to your local Ikea and get some storage boxes and solutions. They can be decorative but above all, will help organise the chaos.


5) Do your bit


Instead of having your cleaner change two beds, why not rotate where you do one and they do the other? You can also strip the beds or better yet, if you have children, get them to do their own? This kind of simple task frees up more time for the cleaner, saving the time and you money.


If you want a domestic cleaner that provides a professional service at a reasonable price, please get in touch so you don’t have to live in a mess anymore. Contact us on on or 01277 81 22 20.