How To Get Rid Of Fleas

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The Situation

Fleas can be a stressful and very unwelcome issue in the home for owners of cats and dogs. Did you know that 95% of fleas live in your carpet and furniture rather than actually on your pet? Fleas can even live in your bed. What a horrible thought! A flea infestation will progress quickly, with female fleas being able to lay up to 500 eggs each within just a few months. So this problem is something that needs to be tackled fast and ideally you want to get rid of them all in one go. Follow our tips and you will be on your way to a flea free home in no time.


So What’s The Solution?

Firstly, give your home a thorough clean. You want to make sure you get rid of as many fleas and their eggs as you possibly can. Vacuum throughout your home and use the fine nozzle to ensure you get in all corners and crevices. Make sure you include all skirting, rugs and under furniture. The fleas will be stimulated by the vacuum vibrations which makes catching them a little easier. It is essential that you dispose of the vacuum bag once you have finished to make sure the fleas do not escape. You then need to apply a treatment to your home. These usually come as a spray and will need to be used in every room and on all furniture. You may need a few cans to make sure everything is covered. Avoid vacuuming for a few days after the treatment so it has time to work.  Lastly but not least, you must treat your pet. This involves using a flea shampoo and once the pet has been dried you should apply a spot on flea treatment. This treatment can be carried out once a month if needed to ensure the flea infestation is properly dealt with.

Once you have the flea infestation under control and your home is flea free why not have a maid keep on top of the cleaning to keep it fresh? Call Maid In Essex today on 01277 812220