Get Your House In Order Now The Kids Are Back At School

Maid in Essex

Fout-of-schoolinally, the holidays are over and the children are back at school. Perhaps you are back to work full time too?  Or maybe you have the luxury of being able to spend the school hours keeping house and enjoying time to yourself?  However much or little spare time you have now they are back at school, September is an excellent time to get your house sorted to give your more free time.

Here are our tops tips for home organisation in September:

wardrobe clear out

1. Have a wardrobe clear out.

With the weather turning colder, shorts and t-shirts are no longer needed.  Grab some clothes storage bags and go through all the wardrobes in your home.  You can buy special bags that you can fill with garments then compress using a vacuum cleaner so they reduce to very small, easy to store, flat bags that can be kept under beds or at the bottom of wardrobes.

Have a good go through any thing that is too small, or no longer suitable and take them to charity shops, sell them online or pass on to other parents you know who may be able to make use of them.  Now is also a good time to get your winter warmers out and clean and fresh ready for the cooler evenings.  Take coats to the dry cleaners and hang them ready to be worn when the weather turns for good.

garden toys2. Sort out the garden

We don’t mean get your gardening gloves on, unless you want to of course.  We mean get out there and put away any garden toys, scooters, trikes, bats, balls and mini trampolines that won’t be used in the cold and wet.  Again, if anything is coming to the end of it’s life, pop it down the tip.  If your kids are growing out of their current toys, take them to the charity shop or pass on to other parents.  Bikes of course, can be used all year round, but to prevent rust and aging it’s best to keep them out of the rain where possible.  Perhaps it is time to sort the shed or garage out to make room for garden toys until next Spring.

desk3. Get study ready

With the kids at school they will spend less time at home and will need less toys to entertain them.  Pack away in toy boxes any items that have spent the summer sprawled on the floors.  Train sets, Lego, jigsaws etc can all be put away.  Books, pens, laptops, tablets and music will always be used on a daily basis so perhaps rearrange your children’s rooms to allow these to be easier to access.

Once you have started to make some room in your home, think about setting up a regular cleaning routine.  Better still, why not have one of our cleaners come and undertake a regular weekly clean for you.  Call us on 01277 812220 to see how our Maids can come and help you.

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