Why Going Green Will benefit You And Your Home

Maid in Essex

You only need to look at the news to see horror stories about how the world Is in peril and it seems more people than ever are talking about ‘going green’ and becoming eco-friendly. Many homes don’t recycle and are still using chemicals and products that are harmful to the planet, wild life and our future. It’s easy to say you don’t have time to recycle, but the benefits far outweigh the small effort it would take. So what exactly does this mean and how can it benefit your home?
• It can add value to your home – In current times many people are choosing to be eco-friendly and it makes sense that an eco-friendly home would attract more potential buyers.
• Improve your health – Ditch air pollutants and chemical products and you will be breathing better air, resulting in fewer allergies and illnesses. There are plenty of easy ways to make DIY cleaning products.
• Reduce Bills – Insulating your home and not running half loads with the dishwasher or washing machine are good ways of reducing your energy usage, as well as not using the heating unless it is really needed and hanging washing out to dry rather than tumble drying. You can also purchase energy efficient appliances.
• Save the rain forest – Try to buy furniture with green product certification rather than stuff made using resources cut from the rain forest. This will help save the rain forest along with the wildlife and plants that inhabit it.
• Be happy – We all know deep down when we do things that have a negative impact on the environment. Knowing you are making a difference by doing your bit to be eco-friendly will make you feel happier along with the health benefits mentioned above and the reduction in stress when the bills decrease.
• Reduce clutter – The more things you accumulate in your home, the more waste you are creating, and we are all guilty of getting things we don’t use or need. Try to be a conscious consumer and only buy what you need and re-use, recycle or hand down to charity what you don’t use.
We are not expected, as humans, to be perfect, clean and healthy all of the time, but a few small changes towards being green really can make a big difference.