Great News! You Shouldn’t Start Your Diet Until February

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According to recent research, January is just about the worst time of the year to start your new diet regime.  Andrew Shanahan (author of “Man v Fat: The Weight Loss Manual), believes that February is a far better month to start cutting the calories.

‘What you should also be doing (in January)  is planning, researching and preparing’ 
 Andrew Shanahan
The key to success with all things in life, is good planning and perfect timing.  Starting a new diet is definitely no exception to this rule.  January is better spent planning how to launch your weight-loss programme, setting your goals and researching the best diet plan to suit your lifestyle. So sit back and enjoy your food this January – it’s cold out and comfort food can make all the difference on a dark winters night.  February brings chilly sunny days which turn our thoughts to warmer months and squeezing back into our summer clothes.

January is effectively a full stop after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. After stuffing ourselves full of booze and naughty food, we can’t possibly be expected to just switch to salad and water immediately after the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

February is also a much better time to concentrate on the financial aspects of a new diet.  Stocking your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables or prime cuts of meat can cost more than the January offers of frozen foods and ready meals.

So if you are looking forward to a fit February,  here are three things you should do in January, according to Mr Shanahan:

First off, Figure out why you’re fat

Understanding why you are fat and addressing that is the most important issue in weight loss. Without getting your head right, any efforts you make towards dieting is akin to filling a bath with the plug out. Taking a good long look at your eating and drinking habits, finding out why, when and how you over-indulge and spotting where you can improve will be invaluable information come February.

 Start to gather your support network

Pick a diet mentor. Maybe someone who has lost weight already, or just someone who you respect who has got their eating and drinking all figured out. Approach them about helping you in February and explain that you want to make a positive change. You’ll often find that they’ll be only too happy to help. You also need a team. Find others who want to shift some weight and band together – make plans to meet up in February and put some dates in the diary.

 Make some choices

Three very simple things you can decide now:

1) Which diet you’ll do. Read up on which diets are out there and which one will suit you. Forget short-term radical changes and focus on a reasonable plan that will give you a steady weight loss regime you can stick to. Adherence to a diet over a long term is way more important than what diet you choose, so pick one you think works for your personal circumstances that you will enjoy.

2) Plan out your activity. Again – get things in the diary. Work out how you’re going to up your activity levels, both in normal life (upgrading your commute, getting your bike fixed, etc) and your optional movement. Sign up for the squash league, book the football pitch for a five-a-side (it’ll probably be free in February) and get things set in stone.

3) Decide on your tracking options. Research some of the diet tracking options out there and pick one you can use all the time. Whether it’s a page-a-day diary or researching an app you love to use – find what works for you and use it.

However you plan to start your diet, get yourself mentally prepared, get your fridge full and get your gym membership renewed in time for next Month.  Of course, you can free up more time by having our lovely Maids come and keep your house clean and tidy while you focus on power walking and making low calorie meals.  Call us on 01277 812220 to find out more about the cleaning services we offer, or click here to contact us by email.


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