How do you get red wine out?

Maid in Essex


No, we don’t mean how do you get red wine out of the cupboard, but rather how to get red wine stains out of…well, out of pretty much everything, really. Red wine is known for its myriad of health benefits. It’s believed to improve blood circulation, heart rate, and overall good health. Not only that, it’s just so downright tasty next to a good steak, or a bowl of pasta.

Yet red wine tends to also be problematic in the sense that once you spill it, it usually causes a permanent stain. In this article we’ll show you how you can go about removing red wine stains from your linen, table cloth, furniture, or even that lovely evening dress.

First off, blot out – don’t scrub.

Many people have this instinct to rub the stain, in the hope of removing it. While that may work for some other liquids, it’s just going to make red wine stains worse, since scrubbing actually spreads the wine across a larger portion of your fabric. Rather than scrubbing, gently blot out the excess wine with paper towels, as this will make the stain less severe.

Trust in cold water.

Another excellent thing you should have at hand is, of course, cold water. Again, don’t scrub at the stain, but rather blot it out using cold water and a clean washcloth. If you’re using this guide to clean out your furniture, like your sofa, make sure you don’t overdo the water bit, as you risk leaving the furniture soggy, and causing other, more serious problems, such as mold.

Tip – you may have heard white wine removes red wine. You can indeed try using dry white wine (never sweet) or alternatively vodka, to dilute the red wine.

Now, apply your stain remover of choice.

If you’ve got any professional stain remover solution at hand, now’s the time to bust it out, and apply generously over the now faded stain. It’s important not to skip the paper towel and the cold water steps, as these help blot out the wine, and make it easier to remove.

If you haven’t got a professional stain removing liquid, you can try using a generous portion of baking soda, as it has impeccable whitening effects. If you’re using baking soda, make sure you leave it out overnight, so that it can absorb into the stain, and then remove it in the morning. Don’t scrub baking soda over the wet fabric, as it can cause it to roughen, or even tear.
Lastly, you can try using hydrogen peroxide on your red wine stain, mixed with dishwashing liquid, which we recommend that you apply gently over the stain.

Not sure what to do?

You can always entrust your valuable furniture and carpets to professional cleaning services. At Maid in Essex, we’ve had plenty of experience removing red wine, as well as other types of stains, so if you’re unsure how to get red wine out, give us a call.