How to keep your house clean during a renovation

Maid in Essex

House interior under construction

Your home is your castle and sometimes that castle needs renovation work. Rooms in need of a décor, walls knocked down, new kitchen and bathroom, they all will create some sort of mess and dirt for you and your home. Good preparation and keeping on top on things will all help in the cleaning effort after all the builders and decorators have gone.


Create a clear space

By removing as many items from a room or area before work starts, will stand you in good stead for when the work is finished. Dust can travel a long way and will settle in places you least expect. Fixtures and fittings such as lights and pictures should be removed if possible. The least amount of surface area the dust has to settle on, the less you’ll have to clean up after. Minute flecks of paint can also spray far and wide when decorating, so remove anything that’s valuable or needs protecting.


Cover home furnishings

Drilling, sanding and plastering, they all have one thing in common, and that’s dust. Dust will inevitably get everywhere, and you’ll want to protect your furnishings as much as you can. Plastic sheets will protect them to a certain degree but by placing a textile sheet over the top of your furnishings first, with the plastic sheet on top, will give added protection. Materials such as cotton or linen will trap any dust that gets under the plastic sheeting, which very often happens.


Protect carpets and flooring

If workmen need to walk through the house, carpets and flooring will need protecting. The workmen will usually take care of this before renovation work commences. However, if you’re unsure and would like to ensure that carpets and flooring are protected to the maximum, create a walkway using heavy plastic/material sheeting, cardboard boxes, carpet tiles/scraps, mats or wood. These can all be easily picked up, shaken off outside and laid back down again when the workmen aren’t there. You’ll also find that once the work has finished for the day, they’ll try and leave it as clean and tidy as possible.


Get professional cleaners in

If the thought of cleaning up after a major renovation is too much to bear, then why not get the professionals in? A cleaning company will have the right skills and equipment to get any clean-up operation done to a very high standard. Leaving you free to concentrate on other things. A professional cleaning company, such as Maid In Essex, will be able to take care of any stains, spills and splashes after renovation work is carried out. Our team of experts will have your home clean and ready to use so that you can enjoy the house again.

If you would like a professional cleaner to help clean up after renovation work, then please give us a call on 0800 014 1960.