How to prepare your home for a cleaner

To enable a cleaner to do the very best job they can, it’s always a good idea to have a tidy up beforehand. This allows the professional cleaner to get started on the cleaning straight away, efficiently and with no obstructions.


We all seem to be living very busy lives now and the need for a professional cleaner to attend homes is increasing year after year. From large family homes to studio apartments, there will always be a demand for professional cleaners to provide a cleaning service to customers.


Keep floors and surfaces clutter-free

Once you book a professional cleaner, they will have an allocated time frame to work to. If worktop surfaces, floors and sideboards aren’t kept clutter-free, cleaning then becomes harder and time left to clean is reduced. To ensure their time is utilised properly provide clear surfaces and floors for the professional cleaner to clean.


Keep documents safe

Personal documents such as letters, bills and bank statements should be put away prior to the arrival of the cleaner. This is so letters aren’t placed accidentally in the bin or moved to somewhere else. This also provides protection for you and the cleaner regarding any personal or sensitive information that you may wish to keep private.


Valuables are out of sight

Measures will have been carried out by the professional cleaning company and staff will have had the necessary checks accordingly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always prevent theft from happening. To protect your valuables, we would recommend that they are locked away or hidden in a safe place. This also prevents any embarrassing situations where something may have been misplaced.


Nuisance pets

If you have pets that may cause a nuisance and prevent the professional cleaner from being able to carry out the clean as they would normally do, we would advise that they are caged or placed somewhere more convenient.


Mention broken items before the cleaner arrives

Broken items around the house are something cleaners may come across. To save any confusion please make the cleaner aware that it’s broken before they start.


Providing access to your home

If you are not home when your cleaner arrives, ensure you provide the necessary keys, codes or someone is available to let them in.


If you are looking to have a professional cleaner come to your home or business, then please call Maid In Essex on 0800 014 1960