How to Wash Pillows Properly 

Maid in Essex


At Maid in Essex, we’re all about keeping every corner of your home (and bed) sparkling, and that includes those comfy pillows. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of pillow-pampering! 

First, Check the Label!

This isn’t just to see who won that pillow fight last week, but to understand what your pillow is made of. Like us humans, every pillow has unique needs. Whether it’s memory foam, feather, or synthetic, the care label will give you the washing instructions you need. If there’s no label, fear not! We’ve got general tips that’ll work wonders. 

Gently Does It

Before tossing your pillow into the washing machine, take a moment to spot-clean any stains with a soft cloth and a touch of gentle detergent. Like a little pre-wash pampering! 

Two’s Company

If your washing machine drum is large enough, wash two pillows at a time. This balances the load, making the wash more effective and ensuring that your pillows aren’t dancing a lonely tango in there. 

Liquid Detergent Over Powder

We recommend using liquid detergent as it dissolves more efficiently. But remember, less is more. Too much detergent can leave residues, making your pillow less fluffy and soft. 

Go for an Extra Spin

Once the wash cycle is complete, give those pillows an extra spin. This will remove as much moisture as possible, setting the stage for a quicker drying time. 

Sun-kissed or Machine Dried

Drying your pillows in the sun is like giving them a mini-vacation. Sun-drying is excellent for whitening and disinfecting. If Mother Nature isn’t on your side, tumble dry the pillows on low heat. Toss in a couple of tennis balls wrapped in socks; they’ll ensure your pillows come out plump and not lumpy! 

The Fluff-a-Nator Move

Every so often during the drying process, give your pillows a good fluff. This keeps them evenly dried and as fluffy as a cloud. 

Patience, Pillow Lover!

Ensure your pillows are completely dry before taking them back to your bed. Any moisture can be a party invitation for mold and mildew. Give them a good sniff. If they still have a tad moisture smell, they need more drying time. 

In Conclusion… 

The secret recipe to keep your pillows looking, feeling, and smelling brand new. Sleep is a luxury, and your pillows play a huge role in that. So, treat them with the TLC they deserve. And remember, if pillow cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, Maid in Essex is always here to bring that touch of sparkle to your home! 

Sweet dreams and happy washing!  

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