Interesting Cleaning Facts That May Surprise You

Maid in Essex

Most people will agree that cleaning isn’t exactly fun. Yes, it gives you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment once finished and it is great to sit back with a cuppa and admire your freshly cleaned home, but the actual process itself can be tedious. However, there are actually some interesting facts about cleaning and even some hidden benefits to it!
Baking Soda – The Secret Weapon – Baking soda has many uses and not all of them are baking related! You can also use it to clean tough stains. Sprinkle the baking soda on the stubborn spot and leave it for a while before rinsing off.
Cleaning Burns Calories – Cleaning can actually give you quite the workout and help you shed some weight! The moving and stretching involved in cleaning are similar to what you would do at a gym and vigorous cleaning can use a lot of energy. These burns calories.
What Is Dust? – Did you know that dust is made up if many things, the main one being human skin cells and clothing particles? Reminding yourself of this should give you the urge to rid your home of dust!
Gum Stains – It can seem almost impossible to remove gum stains from clothes without ruining them but there is a way! Place some newspaper over the area and place a heated iron on top of it. This will remove the gum.
Dishwasher Uses – It’s not only dishes that can be washed in the dishwasher, but you can also wash toys, combs and even sponges.
Keyboards and Remotes – Portable devices such as keyboards, remotes and phones are filled with bacteria. These should be cleaned when possible to stop germs spreading.
The Filthiest Part Of Your Home – Is the kitchen sink! The sink has more germs than the toilet so be sure to thoroughly scrub it when cleaning.
Go Green – Green cleaning products are more popular than ever, with many people choosing eco-friendly options when cleaning their homes. This is a great thing as these products are less damaging to not only the environment but also to your health.