How To Keep Tidy With A Toddler In The House

Maid in Essex

the-loungeRedefine your idea of tidy.

Pay attention because this is the most important lesson your sanity can learn. Before you had children keeping everything spotless was easy. Making you home a virtual work of art meant nothing more than keeping everything clean and in the right place. Nothing moved without your say so, no marks or fingerprints ever appeared on work surfaces or walls, and that amazingly expensive cream carpet of yours remained fluffy and spotless and at all times. Alas this is no longer your reality.

Relax and take deep breathes as you realise that your new reality is a house that is not always spotless or ready for guests. Your house will have boxes of toys in every room, a pushchair in the hallway, a highchair in the kitchen and various other items scattered around. But fear not, this is not mess, it is merely a wonderful reminder that your house is now a family home and that spotless work surfaces have given way to hours of fun and games with your toddler. There will be times in the day where it may look like a bomb has gone off in your lounge, but this can always be put right later in the day.

The absolute key here is to remember that this is not mess, but signs of a happy home and nothing than can’t be put back together with a quick once round when you get the time.


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