How To Keep Tidy With A Toddler In The House

Maid in Essex

let-your-kids-get-messy-09-pg-fullWork With Your Children, Not Against Them

Watching your toddler pull every single toy from the toy box, deconstruct the sofa cushions or try to use your most expensive make up as a crayon can seem like a personal affront. But it’s really not. To stop this from driving you mad try keeping your personal belongings up high and out of the reach of little fingers. With regard to their toy boxes, join them as they explore everything in there and then extend the game into putting the toys away when they have finished with them. When your child starts pre-school, tidy up time is an important part of how they learn to share and to work as a team. You cannot, and should not completely control your childs inquisitive nature. So rather than worry about having a messy room, keep anything important out of reach, join them at play and make tidy up time part of your day too.


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