How To Keep Tidy With A Toddler In The House

Maid in Essex

kids-playing-toysFinally, Don’t Spoil Them

OK, so we all like to spoil our children. Christmas, Birthdays, weekend treats, days out with grandparents all lead to new toys finding their way into your already full house. Couple this with hand me downs or “must-have” bargains and not only do you have a house groaning with plastic toys but you will eventually have so many toys, your child will not actually be able to enjoy them. Children don’t need a lot of toys at once as this will only overstimulate them. Try a toy rotation – keep some available, and store some in the loft or similar space. Every couple of weeks swap them around. This way your child gets to fully appreciate and play with what they have, and you still stand a chance of being able to see your carpet.

However you handle the chaos created by small children, remember the most important thing is not to worry about the mess they create, but instead focus on the memories you are creating inside your home.


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