Keeping A Clean Home When Owning Pets

The Situation

A pet is a wonderful and precious addition to any home. They bring love, laughter and companionship and quickly become part of the family! Maybe your pup likes to snuggle next to you on the sofa of an evening or your cats like to stretch out in front of the fire place. The beautiful memories a pet creates can be priceless. However, it is a fact that pet owners have more cleaning work to do. It is essential that your home is clean in order to keep it a healthy place to be and it is also important to keep onto cleanliness by eliminating those pet odours. Even the cutest pets will leave a mess and a smell! Hairs, footprints and odours are inevitable, but there are ways of keeping on top of these things in your own.


So What’s The Solution?

There are a number of ways that are effective when keeping on top of the cleanliness of a pet friendly home.

  • Pets food and water dishes can slide around causing spillage and mess. Placing a piece of underlay beneath these dishes can stop this.
  • You can pick up dust and hair from the floor by using microfibre mops.
  • Before using a vacuum, go over the area with a hair rake (available from most pet stores).
  • Wash your pets bedding once a week, clean the areas around it at least twice a week and shake it out each day.
  • Give you pet a set area for sleeping. If they have a bed or area solely for them then a lot of the hair will be contained to that area.
  • Cats do not like perfume. Spraying the edges of furniture with it can stop them using it for scratching. You can also purchase a cat scratching post so they can use just that area.
  • Try to use washable covers to protect any furniture that your pet tends to lay / sit on.
  • Place cheesecloth or gauze over air vents. This stops hair circulating through ductwork which can limit dust.
  • You can get special vacuum cleaners and fixtures that remove animal hair from tricky areas. Using these on top of your usual vacuum routine can limit build up of pet hair.

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