Keeping The Kids Entertained In The Holidays

Maid in Essex

The summer holidays can be a daunting time for parents. The kids are over excited and keen to get straight to the fun! But how do you keep them occupied for six whole weeks? Here are a few ideas to keep everyone happy without breaking the bank.


Days Out

There is often a lot more going on in your local area than you think. Check the papers and local news / social media sites to see if there are any fetes, fairs or even fundraising events near you. The local library may be holding events for children such as story times and arts and crafts events. You could also check if the local swimming pool has anything on, museums and galleries sometimes have summer exhibitions and leisure centres often hold sporting days that children can participate in.

If you live near the coast then a day at the beach is always a hit with the kids. Paddling in the sea and building sandcastles will never get boring and most sea side resorts will have plenty or rides and entertainment for little ones.


Days At Home

Being stuck at home due to bad weather, appointments or deliveries does not have to mean boredom. You could arrange a film day where everyone pics a favourite to watch with a host of nibbles and favourite toys. You can have a baking day, it may be messy but the kids will enjoy creating cakes and cookies they can eat later! Building a den under the table or turning the bunk beds into a fort is a fun option and could keep them entertained for hours! Why not look in the wardrobes for dress up inspiration or even arrange a magic or talent show in your own front room! Another fun way of making time at home interesting is getting arty – an old Argos catalogue and some glue could make for a fun scrapbook.

Have a think about the games you would play as a child and see if you can recreate that fun with your children. They may enjoy learning the games mummy and daddy would play at their age!


Explore Outside

Picnic lunches, ball games and outdoor den building are all great activities for the outdoors if the weather permits. You don’t even have to go further than the back garden to do most of these. Why not try a treasure hunt or your own family sports day? If it is not too windy you could fly kites. You could also arrange a camping trip in the comfort of your own back garden. A wet day doesn’t have to mean a day indoors, just grab wellies and rain macs and go for a trek through the muddy woods!