How To Make Your Bedroom A Peaceful Retreat

Maid in Essex

This may come as a surprise, but your bedroom could actually be disrupting your slumber. With sleep playing a key part in our overall wellbeing, it is important to make sure your surroundings create the right relaxing environment for you. Struggling to get enough sleep can impact on our day to day life, from our moods to our ability to focus. This can cause stress which in turn may disrupt your sleep so it can be a vicious circle. But have you ever considered your bedroom to be an issue? Here we look at some of the reasons your bedroom could be hindering your sleep and what can be done to combat it.

Space – Not everyone is a cuddly sleeper and sleeping too close to someone can mean constant disturbance each time one of you moves. Having your own space can make you more comfortable and there is less chance of waking up too hot. You could invest in a super king size bed and a memory foam mattress, so you have more space and less chance of feeling the other person’s movements.

Clutter – It is very easy to use your bedroom as a dumping ground for piles of washing, xmas presents or unused items. To try keep on top of this by putting washing away when it is done and regularly decluttering. Avoid holding onto unwanted or unused items.

Temperature – Having your bedroom be too hot or too cold means your body will fluctuate in temperate making it harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. Try to adjust your heating or air con to a setting that suits you to avoid restless nights.

Dust – Dust mites thrive off dust and dead skin cells. Dust can cause irritation and allergies on top of being unpleasant to look at. Try to ventilate and vacuum your bedroom regularly and avoid having pets in there.

Air – It is important that your room is well ventilated. Even in the colder months, try to have a window slightly open for some of the day to get some air circulating around the room. This will help give you a cleaner and fresher atmosphere, reduce condensation and provide more oxygen.
Although it may seem like there are many things that can cause troubled sleep, following these steps can help ensure you make your bedroom the perfect sleeping zone for you.