How To Make You Living Space Environmentally Friendly

The idea of a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle is to make sure that all materials get reused in some way. It can seem like an almost impossible goal, but it is easier than you think to transform your living space into an environmentally friendly place. The main aim is to ensure that no waste goes to landfill by living a zero-waste life style, but how realistic is this and how do you do it? Here we look at a few steps you can take.
Buy What You Need – It’s easy to make that impulse buy at the counter, but you usually find you end up with unused novelty items that clutter the place. Try to only buy what you need. Pre plan the food you need to avoid excess waste and only buy clothes that you will get enough use out of.
Solar – Although this may seem like an expensive thing to do, it will pay off long term. Solar powered homes are increasingly more common and popular.
LEDs – Again, this may require an initial cost but will pay off rather quickly as using LED bulbs in place of regular ones will reduce energy usage.
Recycle Clothes – Any unused or even stained / ripped clothing can always be donated to charity.
Water Bottles – Invest in a reusable water bottle rather than buying a new bottle each time you go to the gym or need something to wash down your lunch. This will not only save on waste but also save you money.
Electronics – Old phones, TVs and computers can be sold to companies for cash as quite often their parts can be reused.
Minimize – Hoarding things that collect dust is a waste. Try to minimise and have a clear out, you will have more space in your home and feel better for it. Give unneeded items to a charity shop.
Go Digital – As lovely as a hand-written note is, there really is no need in these digital times to use pads of paper. Go digital with bills, letters and correspondents to cut down on paper waste.
Homemade Cleaning Products – Did you know that by simply mixing baking soda with vinegar you can make a very effective cleaning product? Save money and waste by avoiding store bought cleaning supplies and making your own.