How To Minimise The Smell From Outside Bins In Summer

Maid in Essex

Let’s face it, wheelie bins and bin bags are never going to smell pleasant, and with the sun shining down it is only going to make it harder to ignore the smell. However, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to make sure the odours are kept to a minimum meaning you can enjoy stepping outside and taking in the summer air.

  • Keep Bins Out Of Direct Light – Where possible, try to make sure your bins are kept out of sunlight. This will decrease the smell and attract less flies and insects.
  • Rinse – Before placing plastic bottles into the recycling give them a good rinse. The same applies to all jars. If you do this with left over washing up water than you won’t be using extra water.
  • Dispose Of Food Quickly – Avoid leaving food on surfaces or outside for any lengths of time. Once a meal is finished then dispose of food quickly to minimise the chance of flies being attracted and laying eggs.
  • Close Lids And Tie Bags- Keeping wheelie bin lids firmly closed and bin bags tied up means flies do not have a chance to get in and lay their eggs.
  • Remember Bin Day – Make sure you put your bins out nice and early on the correct morning of your local collection. Forgetting can do so could mean waste decaying for 1-2 weeks longer therefore increasing the smell.
  • Do Not Over Buy – We are all guilty at times of getting carried away with shopping and bargains, but try to stick to the essentials. The average family wastes around £15 worth of food a week. Being mindful of this can not only save you money but also decrease the unpleasant smell of waste.
  • Wrap Waste Correctly – Nappies should ideally be wrapped in nappy bags and food waste can be wrapped in old newspaper or plastic bag to keep it contained as much as possible.

These are all simple tips that can help to turn your bin areas odour and therefore problem free.