Muddy weather brings dirty floors indoors

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Most of the country has had a dry summer — too dry, in fact. But that will change as the seasons change. Summer’s fading, Autumn’s on the way, and with it wetter, muddier conditions that may end up leaving your floors worse for the wear.

To keep a floor clean, you don’t always have to spend longer with a mop and a bucket. We’re not going to talk about cleaning your floors in this article. Instead, we’re going to talk about four things you can do to keep your floors clean this season.

Keep dirt outside

In the medical field, they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” It’s the same with floors. The easiest way to keep your floors clean is to keep dirt from getting on them in the first place. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Doormats are cheap, work well, and add personality and a breath of fresh air to a doorway. When people come to your house, the first thing they see is the mat. So clean up your front door and set the tone for all the great things going on inside.

Do you want to go one step further? Buy a shoe station with bristles. They are cute and very good at getting rid of dirt. The bristles can get rid of dirt quickly and get into places that are hard to reach.

No shoes inside

Ask your visitors how they feel about no-shoe policies at your next party if you want to start a lively conversation. Your group will laugh a lot and talk about it in a lively way. We swear.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to wear shoes, think about this: On average, there are two million bacteria per square inch on the floor of a public bathroom. That’s a huge amount of bacteria, and if you wear your shoes inside, you’ll bring some of those unwanted guests with you.

It’s easier or at least less awkward to enforce no-shoe rules with your family than with guests. Let your doormat do the talking for you if you want to be quiet. There are a lot of funny mats on the market. Let them say what you need to say.

Reduce pet shedding

Shedding is a healthy and normal thing for dogs to do, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying for people! One of the best ways to stop your furry friend from shedding is to brush out the dead hair before it falls out.

Dogs are as unique as humans. Like us, each of them has their own hair. So, look at your pet’s coat before you go shopping for a brush.

Bristle brushes can be used on any coat. Wire-pin brushes are great for untangling thick, curly coats. Rubber combs are best for pets with shorter hair because they get rid of dander, dead skin, and hair.

In addition to brushing, you might also want to bathe your pet more often. Baths not only keep pets clean and fresh, but they also get rid of extra hair before it can get on your clean floor.

Buy a hand-held vacuum.

When it’s time to get out the vacuum, many of us grumble, and rightly so. It stinks to have to deal with leads, clogs, and untidy vacuum bags. Get it?

If you’re tired of your old, bulky vacuum, you might want to switch to a smaller, cordless stick vacuum. Stick vacuums have come a long way in the last few years in terms of price, overall life expectancy, power, and battery life.

Anyone who has struggled with a traditional vacuum knows how great it is to get rid of the cord. No more tangled cords, extra cords, or vacuum bags whose sizes you never know until it’s time to buy them.

Stick vacuums are small, powerful, and can reach places that other vacuums can’t. Once you go cordless, you won’t want to go back.