New Year, New Cleaner!

Maid in Essex

house cleaning funWith modern life getting busier and busier, who really has the time to dedicate to the housework these days.  By the time the school run is over, the working day is done, dinner is on the table, children are collected and dropped off, our evenings are mostly spent slouched on the sofa, too tired to move! Why not improve your life and make more of your free time, by hiring a cleaning lady from Maid In Essex?  We offer the very best domestic cleaners in the Essex area, and all at competitive prices.

Unlike other cleaning firms we don’t just send you random cleaners any day of the week, we have our cleaners meet with your and establish a rapport, as well as having them take the time to understand exactly what it is you need from them.

Inject some more time into 2016 by hiring a professional domestic cleaning company to come and clean for you. Hiring a cleaner can enable you to spend your free time enjoying yourself and not stressing about the chores.  Of course, there are many household bits and pieces that you will still want to take care of yourself, but having someone else clean your kitchen, bathroom, living areas and bedrooms as well as take charge of the hoovering and the ironing, can really make all the difference.

But how do you choose the right cleaning company to suit your needs and your lifestyle.  Maid In Essex offers professional, reliable and trustworthy cleaners based throughout Essex.  As a guideline, we’ve compiled a brief list of all the things you should consider when you venture into hiring a house cleaner.

1. Decide which rooms you want to be cleaned.
2. Decide how often you want them to come and clean.
3. Don’t let price be the determining factor
4. Ask what kind of cleaning products they use.
5. Make sure the cleaning company takes us references.  
6. Communicate with your cleaner.

Whatever service you are looking for from a domestic cleaner, Maid In Essex would be more than happy to meet with you to supply you with a quote and further information about the services we provide.  Call us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.

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