Oops! A Guide To Removing Red Wine Stains

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So you are all ready for a good night out – wearing your best dress, expensive shoes and going to a posh Christmas do!  And what happens, you have a little to much to drink, get busy on the dance floor and before you know it your beautiful dress has a nasty red wine stain on it!  Yuk!

red wine on carpetOr maybe you are having guests at your house.  They are your friends and family, and you love and adore them, but after a couple of vinos their lack of respect for your cream carpets is not making you best pleased.  Before you know, someone has innocently knocked over a glass of red and your cream carpet looks like it’s been shot.

Fear not – Maid In Essex will come to your rescue with some top cleaning tips for how to remove red wine!

So if your best party dress is suffering from the evenings exploits, heres some top ways to remove the stain from fabric.

1. Depending on how much wine you have spilt, gently dab or blot the excess liquid with a clean cloth or piece of kitchen roll. Do not rub the stain – you do not want to make it worse.

2. If possible, apply some salt on the stain while it is still damp. Salt is a good tool to help tackle red wine stains, as it soaks up the excess liquid and stops it penetrating the fibres of your clothes. Of course, there may be times when this remedy is not possible – whipping off your stained top in the middle of a crowded restaurant in order to pour salt on it may raise more than a few eyebrows!

3. You could also try applying white wine to the stain, which will help neutralise it. Just gently dab the stain to remove the excess liquid. Baking soda also can be a useful product for helping to remove red wine stains. Consider applying a baking soda paste to the affected area.

4. After applying the salt, baking soda, or white wine, you should see a difference. If it’s a larger stain, or already partially dried in, then you can try soaking the garment in white wine or in club soda.

5. If the methods above aren’t available, or haven’t quite removed the wine stain entirely, apply a stain removal product to the stain – just follow the directions on the label.

6. After this treatment is complete, wash the garment as normal on a cool wash. Avoid a hot wash or tumble drying on high heat, as heat may set the stain. Sorted!

If you need to remove the stain from your carpet:

1. Blot up as much of the spilled wine as possible.

2. Use plain water or mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of warm water.

3. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with plain water or the detergent/vinegar solution. Apply a little bit at a time, blotting frequently with a dry cloth until the stain disappears.

4. If using a detergent/vinegar solution, sponge with cold water and blot dry.

If all else fails to remove the red wine stain (especially on a white carpet), mix one part hand dishwashing detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Sponge on; blot off. Rinse well. Be sure to test first in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the solution doesn’t harm the color of the carpet.

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