How To Clean and Organise Your Kitchen

Clean, clear and organise your kitchen regularly  to help keep it clean and to make your life that little bit easier.

A clean and well organised kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home, and is frequently a busy space with people coming and going. Everyone ends up visiting the kitchen at some point in their day, so it can get messy and disorganised really quickly.     To keep your kitchen cleaner, tidier and better organised, it will need a good blitz every now and again. So, grab your comfy clothes, put some music on in the background and get organising.


Start by clearing off your kitchen table if you have one, or if not, that spot on the edge of the work surface that you use as a dumping ground for bills and paperwork. Find the appropriate place for these long forgotten bits of paper; a folder, a pinboard or, in some cases, the bin! Once you have a free table, or work surface area you can start to empty out all your cupboards, cabinets and clutter. Place all your items in “categories” on the table based on items that you want to keep, throw away or recycle. Now that you have access to clear open cupboards and cabinets – get in them and get cleaning. Wipe over everything until your units are sparkling clean from the inside out. Once dried, start to put your items back in a logical tidy order.


Clean and clear cupboard spaces

Have a really good think about ways you could improve internal storage within your cupboards. Small lidded boxes for example, are excellent for safely storing everything from medicines to tea bags to biscuits. Larger containers are useful for keeping cleaning products all in one place and away from little hands. Also, look into plate racks, mug shelves and bottle storage. Most of these are simple plastic arrangements, that can be picked up for a snip, but almost double the usable space inside your cupboards. Keep work surfaces clean and clear from as much clutter as possible. By all means, proudly display your expensive coffee maker or designer fruit bowl, but too much stuff and clutter will distract from all your hard work and make the kitchen instantly look untidy. Finally, really think about how you use your kitchen. Do you eat there or do you have a separate space for dining? Do you like to cook? Do you own a lot of kitchen equipment? However you use your kitchen space, good organisation is down to planning and storing everything you need correctly.

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By Laura Udall

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