How To Prevent Flies – Top Tips

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With Spring in full swing and Summer in sight, you may notice an increase in flies and creepy crawlies. The downside of enjoying warmer weather with your windows and doors open is that you tend to invite flies and insects in. Sharing your picnic with these uninvited guests is never appealing! Here we look at some ways of preventing flies from invading your space.

  • Cover Bins – Ensure all bins and compost are covered with secure lids and regularly emptied. Flies are attracted to all food sources, not just rotting food.
  • Vinegar – Vinegar isn’t just useful when cooking, you can also use vinegar as a way of preventing flies from gate crashing your picnic or barbecue. Simply fill a clean jar half way with apple cider vinegar and punch holes in the lid that are big enough for flies to enter through. This will attract them in and the vinegar takes care of the rest! Be sure to empty and refresh frequently.
  • Do Not Leave Sources Of Food Out – Flies are attracted to any source of food that is out in the open. Whether it be dirty dinner plates, crumbs on the side or ingredients left out from cooking, it is all appealing to flies. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces and put away ingredients after preparing food, do not leave dirty dishes on the side and ensure that any crumbs are cleaned up quickly.
  • Plants- There are certain plants and herbs that repel flies. It would be a good idea to keep some of these by doors and windows. These plants and herbs include Lavender, Basil, Mint, Tomato plants, Common rue and Tansy.
  • Pet Food – Pet food can quickly attract flies and other insects. Ensure all pet food bowls are emptied and cleaned once your pet has finished eating.
  • Fly Curtains And Screens – Fly curtains may seem old fashioned but they are effective when it comes to stopping flies from entering and they are good for getting fresh air in! Fly screens are a good move if flies become a constant issue. They can be installed on windows and doors and must be kept in good condition.

Follow these tips and your home and garden should see less of these unwanted pests!