Waiting For The Royal Baby?

camping out

Having a baby is an exciting time for any family.  But if you are a royal couple, it’s not just your friends and family waiting to hear the happy news of a new arrival – the whole world is waiting.

Kate and Williams’ eagerly expected 2nd child is due this month and already the media is beginning to start a frenzy. Fans are starting to camp out, outside St Marys Hospital in London, traffic restrictions are in place to make way for the royal cars and the press is on standby. Unlike most new mothers who generally have to face busy maternity wards with a shortage of trained midwives, the rich and the royal get very different treatment.  As we wait with baited breath for minute by minute coverage of Kate’s labour, we ask what makes royal fans give up days and even weeks on end waiting for a birth announcement for a child they will no doubt never meet.

Flag waving supporters lining the streets has been a familiar sight on the street of Britain for many, many years.  We love out Royal family and we like to cheer and wave them on their way when they venture out amongst us. But would you camp outside a hospital just to say you had been there?


60 year old John Loughrey, has been spending every day outside the hospital since April 1. In an interview with The Evening Standard he said he plans to sleep on a bench  if security staff will let him. “You’re seeing history,” Mr Loughrey, of Wandsworth, told the paper, “You’re not watching it at home – you’re there seeing it, feeling it; you’re there supporting the Royal family”

“I’ve been here since April Fool’s Day. I slept on a bench for eight days when Prince George was born.”

Asked about the gender of the Royal baby, he said: “It would be nice for Prince George to have a sister, though he’ll be the boss because he’s older. We just want a healthy baby and the Duchess of Cambridge to be healthy”

His sentiments seem very nice, but why would he go out of his way to welcome the new baby?  Like many other royal fans, he feels that “The Royal family bring colour to our country – they’re very colourful – and they bring a lot of money to our country. The Queen is supreme”

We have no doubt that we love our Royal family, and that the arrival of the new baby will be very well documented. But we think we will probably stay at home to watch the news, rather than camp out on the streets.

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