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Maid in Essex

vintage cleaner lifesaverSo many of our wonderful clients tell us that hiring one of our cleaners has made an enormous change to the quality of their lives.  Alright, so they probably have never literally saved them from an oncoming freight train or anything quite as dramatic, but they certainly have given them a new found freedom.

Imagine not having to spend your day off work, or your weekends dusting, hoovering or stripping the beds! Imagine what you could be doing instead!  Buy back time with your family, spend time with kids, save your marriage even – hire a cleaner today!

Don’t just take our word for it!   Our customers love us so much, they write to tell us all about it:

My maid is like a third arm, I knew I needed help but now like air and water I simply can’t imagine life without her. Just how did I manage without her for so long? My house must have been a pigsty!
Mrs Harvey, Halstead

With my maid I no longer rush around when visitors call as every day is a happy household day! Friends wonder how I manage to do it all, and now I guess they’ll know!

Mrs Brown, Billericay

Excellent communication and I didn’t have to lift a finger. I don’t think I could live without my cleaner now.
Mr Ahmed, Romford

Maid in Essex really did make me feel like my requirements were important no matter how silly they seemed to be. They even asked if I like a crease in my jeans or not! I can’t believe that for just pounds a month I can feel like I’m living the life of the rich and famous!
Mrs Appleton, Loughton

We think they sound pretty happy with their maids, don’t you? Why don’t you hire one of our Maids to save your time, your sanity and maybe even your life!  Call us on 01277 812220 or FREEPHONE on 0800 014 1960 to see how we can rescue you from the horror of the housework. 

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