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It’s always wonderful to feel loved, and with Valentines Day happening this month, we thought that everyone in your household might appreciate that loving feeling, and not just your better half.  We shared some great ideas with you last year, that seemed to go down really well with our Maid In Essex followers.  So this year, we thought we’d share the love again!

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1. Love your breakfast

Your first fun family thing should start at breakfast time on Valentines day. Grab yourself a heart shaped cookie cutter or toast press and enjoy spending time chatting with your family before your day begins. We know that breakfast can often be a rushed affair, but why not get up a little early to show the love before you all disappear off to work or school.


2. Rethink the gifting thing

Valentines is not Christmas and (for most folk anyway), it’s not your birthday either! So, remember that the gifts you give and receive are just a token, a gesture to show your love. Perhaps you have already agreed not to get gifts, perhaps a card is just enough. Flowers, chocolates etc all seem like just a small gift, but they are not cheap this time of year and the cost can soon add up.

Why not look at choosing something unique and personal. Flowers and cards are a little cliche, as well as overpriced. If you want, and can afford to splash the cash, how about a nice bespoke piece of jewellery, a weekend away or dinner out at a romantic restaurant. If you though, like most of us, are still struggling under the strain of Christmas, a cheaper alternative may be better for you. These little ideas below are special, unique and will not blow the bank – we found them on the internet just for you:

Send A Letter Of Appreciation

How about sending a simple letter to your loved ones detailing how grateful you are to have them in your life. Be as specific as possible; “the way you let me sleep in the morning while you make the kids breakfast” and “the way you sing off key” are even more satisfying than “You’re lovable,” because the recipient feels seen and appreciated. Don’t worry if it isn’t eloquent. Any heartfelt love letter will be cherished by the recipient much more than a store-bought gift. This isn’t only for your partner; kids feel loved when we notice who they are and what they contribute to us, our family, and the world. Your kids will will reread your letters during tough times. They’ll save them for the rest of their live

Make a Homemade Valentine.

Kids feel loved when we spend time making something for them, rather than buying it. Why not make Valentines? This can be as simple as 15 minutes with red construction paper, scissors, and magic markers, or as elaborate as a joyful, creative family project for three hours. Need inspiration? There are web sites galore. But I usually stick to the simplest: construction paper hearts with a heartfelt message detailing something you appreciate about the recipient.

A gift certificate for a backrub or foot massage every night for a month.


Kids feel loved when we listen to them and give them an opportunity to talk through their daily challenges. Every single day, spend 15 minutes snuggling with each child before bed. Not reading, that’s separate. Snuggle time is just chatting, or snuggling companionably. Most kids love a backrub and hand or foot rub. Darkness and impending lights out helps you connect soul to soul. After the month, you’ll realize the gift was really to you, and you won’t be willing to give up your new habit.

Once you have finished breakfast and shared little gifts, keep the momentum going throughout the day by trying these little ideas to keep those around you feeling adored.

  • Send the kids to school with little paper hearts with love notes into their school bags, or lunch boxes.
  • Plan a fun dinner for all the family. Romance isn’t all about candles and tables for two. Romance is about having the ones you love closest to you. Have a nice meal and finish it off with dancing or singing.
  • Play the praise game. Round the dinner table, or maybe after dinner on the sofa, take a minute to pass on a few words about why you all love each other. Whether your response is factual, funny or just downright soppy – everyone will love to hear nice things said about them.
  • Spread the love. Why not invite other friends or family round to your house, especially anyone who may be on their own. Make it an event.
  • If you are savvy enough to have kept the Valentines cards given to you by your children over the years, why not use them to decorate the house and enjoy seeing how much they have grown. Laugh at spelling mistakes, enjoy innocent pictures and fondly reminisce.
  • Have your kids bake heart shaped biscuits, or decorate fairy cakes with hearts. They could give them to dad, grandparents or even to their friends at school.
  • Make some homemade Valentines cards for “extras”. Not that you are expecting hundreds of cards to land on your doormat, but kids can be fickle little things and they may suddenly decide that everyone from their teacher to your next door neighbour suddenly deserves an outpouring of love.
  • Finally, surround yourself with love! We know that many people feel Valentines Day is just an excuse for greeting card manufacturers to sell extra cheesy cards. But, so what if it is. Our lives are very busy these days and most of us just don’t get enough time in the day to really show our nearest and dearest how much we adore them. So go with it, enjoy the day and make sure everyone you spend time with on February 14th is feeling the love.


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