Keep Your Car Clean This Summer

Planning a long trip in the car this summer holiday?  Or perhaps your car is just looking a bit worse for wear from all the extra trips out you have to do to keep the kids amused? It’s not just your house we like to see clean and shiny, we like you to enjoy a […]

How To Stay Organised During The Summer Holidays

With the kids off of school, and your daily routines thrown into turmoil, it can be difficult to keep on top of things during the 6 week summer holiday.  Here at Maid In Essex we fully appreciate that a little extra help can make all the difference when you are trying to be mum, a […]

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

With the sunlight streaming through the windows on a warm spring day, your whole house feels bright and airy.  But the same sunlight shows up an entire winters worth of grimy hand prints and dirty marks on your windows.  Having spotlessly clean windows instantly makes your home feel light, bright and shiny.  Here are our […]

Breathe Some Spring Into Your Interiors

Spring always feels like the start of a new beginning.  As the days get warmer and longer, our smiles get wider. We feel more inclined to have a good out clear out at home, and get rid of unused or unwanted bits and bobs around the house. With everything looking tidy and organised, why not […]

Bring On The Spring Clean!

Today we noticed that our local supermarket has suddenly reduced a whole load of cleaning products.  “Why ever would they do that”, we pondered!  Well, apparently, those clever retail types recognise the fact that come February a lot of us are itching to get on with a good old spring clean at home. So if […]

Ironing Tricks and Tips

Three Top Ironing Tricks and Tips Ironing – love it or hate it, we all have to do it! Work shirts, school uniforms, bed linen and even underwear all looks and feels better when they are crease free! Whether you pile it all up and have a massive ironing blow out one day a week, […]