Time For The Big January Clean?

With the new year in full flow, it’s a great time to get your house in order.  After the onslaught of new things for Christmas, why not have a good old sort out of the kids toys, passing on and throwing out any that are no longer used. Many retailers know that we enjoy that […]

Breathe Some Fresh Air Into Your Home

Ah, the sun is shining and warmer days are on their way.  Time to let a little bit of fresh air into your home.  Opening the windows and feeling the breeze blow through the net curtains is a lovely way to welcome in the spring and say goodbye to stale odours. During the stuffy winter […]

Bring On The Spring Clean!

Today we noticed that our local supermarket has suddenly reduced a whole load of cleaning products.  “Why ever would they do that”, we pondered!  Well, apparently, those clever retail types recognise the fact that come February a lot of us are itching to get on with a good old spring clean at home. So if […]