Things To Do On Friday To Make Monday Better

Monday morning is something most of us dread, especially with autumn / winter approaching, the sunny mornings vanish and the chilly dreary weather replaces it, not very motivating! Feeling unprepared and chaotic can make the Monday blues a struggle, and leaving everything until the last minute can ruin your Sunday too which is never good! So let’s look at things you can do on a Friday to ensure the following week is less daunting and gets off to a brilliant, stress free start.

  • Bags – This can apply to both work bags and children’s school bags. Make sure lunch boxes are emptied and washed, throw away any rubbish and see to any paperwork that needs addressing. Then you can pack anything you may need for a fresh week and simply pick your bag up on the way out.
  • Tie Up Loose Ends – Friday is a great day to do the little jobs you haven’t had time to get to in the week. This makes Monday less cluttered. Things such as filing, tidying, making appointments etc are all quick tasks that can make the day seem more challenging if they are left for the last minute.
  • Ask For Help – If the following week is going to bring a heavy work load then ask for help on Friday. That way you have a plan in place rather than worrying Sunday night.
  • Organise Washing – It is a good idea to wash, dry and put away clothes daily. If this isn’t doable then making sure the week’s washing is done at the end of the week and all clothes are clean, ironed and ready for the new week means less rushing around on Monday.
  • Food – Planning meals ahead is good practise for many reasons. If you cook in bulk you save time and money and if you plan your meals it means all you need to do is grab it on the way out or heat it up. Make sure you cram in plenty or fruit, veg, protein and fibre and you will feel energised and full.
  • Have a Sunday Plan – Make sure you plan something fun and worthwhile for your Sunday. Even if it is just some family time. Doing this will mean you are more likely to get things in order on Friday so as not to take over your Sunday plans.

Follow these tips and Monday need never be daunting again!