Time To Call In The Professional Cleaners?

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carpet cleaning

2. Carpet Cleaning

No doubt you hoover your carpets regularly, and you may even make sure everyone leaves their shoes at the doors of your house, but over time carpets can start to look grubby.  Spilt food and drink, high traffic areas and various stains and spillages from the children can take their toll on your carpet.  Having your carpet professionally cleaned, not only gets rid of stains but can also help your carpet feel fresh and soft again.  It can also keep them more hygienic as professional steam cleaning can kill mites or bacteria that may be living in your carpet fibres.

Professional carpet cleaners will come to your house with an industrial cleaning machine that will wash your carpet with specially prepared cleaning solution.  You may need to stay off of the carpet for a few hours after they have finished, to allow it to dry fully.

Investing in having your carpets cleaned a couple of times a year can really make a difference and leave your whole house feeling fresh and clean.

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