Top Ten Money Saving Tips For Keeping Your House Warm

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As the chill starts to set in, most of us are starting to think about putting our heating on.  But with ever increasing energy bills, in this weeks blog we are going to look at low-tech, easy solutions for keeping your house as warm as possible for a minimal cost.

1. Keep Your Radiators Clear


Obvious as this may sound, a lot of us cover up radiators with large bulky pieces of furniture pushed against them.  Moving them forward and allowing the air to circulate freely will help you maximise the heat they they produce, so only having them on for a couple of hours a day will be ore efficient.

2. Hang Heavy or Lined Curtain


Thick curtains are a great way to keep drafts out, and in the summer, they help to keep rooms cooler  If you don’t want to splash out on new curtains, you can always invest in curtain liners that you can attach to the top of your existing ones.  And it’s not just windows that cause drafts, hanging curtains in front of doors can also be a great way to keep heat in.

3. Shut Up Unused Rooms

If you have parts of your house that you don’t use regularly, keeping the door closed when you are not in there will prevent cold air moving around to other parts of the house, and allows the heat from radiators to generate in a smaller area. Dining rooms, utility rooms and spare bedrooms are good examples of this.  You can even turn the radiators down in these rooms to help reduce costs further.

4. Cover bare floorboards


Floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, and wooden floors are a major source of heat loss.  By adding rugs or even blankets, not only do you help to keep more heat in, but you will also have the added bonus of keeping your feet warm.  If  there are cracks or large gaps in the flooring it’s a good idea to squirt some filler into them, to prevent further drafts.

5. Setting Timers

Setting a timer for your heating is important. Keeping your heating on all day when it’s very cold may seem like a cosy idea, but it is the most expensive option. On very cold days, the timer should be set to switch the heating on earlier that usual, rather than switching the heating up very high to heat the house up quickly.

6. Get To Know Your Thermostat

Thermostats control how hot your heating is and how often it comes on.  Getting to know exactly how it works can saves you money in the long run.  Many newer boilers are coupled with digital thermostats which are easy to control.  Set a programme to have your heater (and hot water) come on for a couple of hours morning and evening, and look out for even more energy efficient settings like nightime low settings or holiday settings.

7. Putting Up A Shelf

radiator shelf

Putting up a shelf above your radiators can help to direct heat flow into the room.  But it’s important not to place things on the radiator itself, but a shelf above it to stop the hot air rising directly above it.This is particularly the case if the radiator is below a window with curtains, where warm air would be trapped between the window and the curtain.


8. Have An Efficient Loft Hatch

You may well have a lovely, well-insulated loft, but if your loft hatch door is not insulated you may be losing heat though it. You can insulate your loft hatch with strips that you can also use for windows and doors.  You could also have someone check your roof tiles, as loose or missing ones can cause water to leak into your loft, lessening the effectiveness of your insulation overall.

a-long-dachshund-draught-excluder-called-ella9. Use Draft Excluders

A cool breeze coming from the bottom of your doors can make you hallway and house feel chilly.  Draft excluders are great for keeping these out.  You can buy decorative pillow style ones form most homeward shops, or save even more money by making your own using pillows, fabric and some simple stitching.

10. Keep An Eye Out For “Mini-Drafts”

Letterboxes, keyholes, and cat flaps can all create extra mini-drafts on a cold and windy day.  Even a small draft can make a room feel chilly, so keep an eye out for extra gaps letting the drafts in.  Lock cat flaps if your pet is inside, have a brush or box attached your letterbox and look into keyhole covers to keep breezes to a minimum.  All of these are simple and cheap solutions to ensure that you are not loosing heat from your house.

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